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ScienceOpen is marching for science!

This week, on Saturday, April 22nd (Earth Day) the global science-interested community is uniting to march for science across the world. Many of our members will be joining the March for Science in Washington DC and other cities around the world.

The March for Science is about the role that science plays in our everyday lives, but also about political activism for researchers, celebrating the diversity of research cultures, and making sure that policy developments are grounded in strong evidence.

You can follow the events live on Twitter at #MarchForScience

ScienceOpen will be part of the global march, and in five different locations! A more informed dialogue between scientists and citizens requires openness, transparency, and access to information – one of the key mission statements of ScienceOpen, and the reason we will be out marching in force.

CEO Stephanie Dawson will be marching in Berlin, Germany, with other members of our team there. Find her on Twitter and join them here!

Prof. Alexander Grossman, co-founder of ScienceOpen, will be taking to the streets in Leipzig, Germany. Get in touch here.

Tibor Tscheke, the other co-founder of ScienceOpen, will also be marching in Boston, USA! Contact him here.

Jon Tennant will be in Seattle, USA, joining the Science March as part of the Sage Bionetworks Assembly. Contact him here.

Erzsébet Toth-Czifra will be marching in Budapest, Hungary, too, and you can reach her here.

We welcome anyone and everyone to stand by our sides with the rest of the march, and together celebrate science as a global community!

3 thoughts on “ScienceOpen is marching for science!”

  1. Very nice! Glad to see such global participation in this event. I’ll be marching in Pittsburgh, PA, USA, and I bet many members and contributors will be joining us from all over.

  2. Yes, global participation in a pro-science attitude is a good thing. But:turning this into a march that may be misunderstood as yet another political opinion-group clamoring for attention is the opposite of what the aims really should be. This only invites politicians with an “alternative fact”-attitude to shrug their shoulders and simply announce “I have a political agenda that differs from yours, and I am in power, therefore my agenda counts and yours does not.” This is nicely explained here:
    Yes, this text also is an opinion piece, not a scientifically validated social study — so feel free to have a different opinion, but (particularly as a scientist) think about what you are doing. And this text also offers an alternative way of acting. Sadly, this alternative takes more personal effort than just participating in a March for Science, but better solutions often require more effort 😉

  3. Thank you very much for providing the useful information, I am science student and want to learn more thing about science and also want to go researching of science and environment studies in future. So this type of event help me allot.

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