1st December

The Gratitude Collection



As its title suggests, this collection contains Open Access articles on state and trait gratitude associated with the dimensions of positive health.

As Lilian Jans-Beken (@lilianjansbeken), editor of the collection, writes in her editorial:

In 2011, Dr. Machteld Huber proposed a new definition of health: Health as the ability to adapt and to self-manage, in the face of social, physical and emotional challenges, i.e. positive health (Huber et al., 2011). This definition represents a broader view on health and wellbeing. Research shows that positive health is composed of six dimensions: bodily functions, mental well-being, meaning in life, quality of life, social and societal participation, and daily functioning (Huber et al., 2016). Articles here will be directed towards gratitude associated with one of these dimensions.

This collection will focus on Open Access articles that are available right now and will be published in the future. Open Access is important for advancement of research itself but it is also important for non-academics to access scientific research to facilitate the development of applied positive psychology in daily practice.”


Many thanks, Lilian!
Enjoy and stay positive! 😊