14th December

Digital Archaeology

 This collection is curated by one of our most diligent collection editors, Dominik Hagmann.

See the Editorial, where Dominik (@dominik_hagmann) outlines the contents of his collection:

“This collection on ScienceOpen is meant to provide an overview of state-of-the-art contributions to the wide field of digital archaeology. Digital archaeology deals with the implementation of tools, methods, and theories derived from information and communications technology in archaeology and can thereby be seen as some kind of metascience which correlates to all different subdisciplines in the whole field of archaeology (such as Mesoamerican, classical, or post-medieval archaeology). Within this bibliography, popular articles focusing on this topic as well as highly specialized papers on single aspects are provided, trying to deliver a holistic collection of papers on digital archaeology. The editor continuously tries to keep this collection up to date. Due to technical limitations only journal articles are currently supported.”

Many thanks to Dominik in Vienna!


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