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New journals coming to ScienceOpen!

A month ago, we launched a new competition for ‘platinum open access’ journals – those which are fully open access and do not charge an APC (article-processing charge). We called this ‘hassle free indexing’, because that is precisely what we’re offering!

The response from the open publishing community was fantastic, and today we’re pleased to announce the winners of the first round!

The following journals will all become part of our next-generation indexing and discovery platform:

  2. Magnificat Cultura i Literatura Medievals
  3. Algerian Journal of Natural Products
  4. Matters and Matters Select
  5. Informationspraxis
  6. Izquierdas (revista)
  7. Journal of Paleontological Techniques

On top of this, two of the journals will receive a free promotional collection with us! These are Magnificat Cultura i Literatura Medievals, representing the humanities and social sciences (HSS), and Matters, Matters Select representing the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Medicine (STEM) fields.

Congratulations to all of our entrants! Those not so lucky this round will be rolled over into next months competition.

We asked some of the editors of the journals about why they chose to enter the competition.

Emanual Tschopp, Executive Editor of the Journal of Paleontological Techniques said:

We applied because we’re convinced that well-refereed, openly accessible articles are what will bring science forward most, and since you’re promoting exactly that, we thought you’d be the perfect index for our journal.


Rosanna Cantavella, Editor of Magnificat Cultura i Literatura Medievals also said:

What drew us to ScienceOpen was the same that drew us to the DOAJ: its combination of high visibility and defence of the concept of scientific and academic research as 100% open. What drew us to your competition for free indexing was the fact that we do not have any budget to support our journal: we manage all processes ourselves, even the layout. In a country like Spain, devastated by the apparently unending recession, support for Humanities research is very low. This drove us to resort to the advantages of impact of the new digital, open source platforms. We willingly give our time and expertise free of charge, as we know that even in the most economically advanced countries there are excellent researchers not backed up financially, and therefore in need of our services.


These reasons are exactly why we’re running this competition. All research deserves to be distributed and read by the largest audience possible to reflect the hard work of the researchers, editors, and publishers involved. This is especially the case for those journals which are working hard to keep costs low or free for researchers and access high for everyone, and we extend our gratitude and thanks to all of those involved in such journals.

To apply for the next round, an application form can be found here. Fill it out, and submit to our team. Simple, and hassle free!