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New partnership with River Publishers

At ScienceOpen, we offer next-generation indexing services to publishers. The purpose of this for publishers is to:

  • Reach new audiences and maximize your readership
  • Drive more usage to your journals
  • Upload your content to a unique platform
  • Open up the context of your content

Recently, we have partnered with River Publishers to highlight two of their Open Access journals.


The first of these is the International Journal of Translation Science. The journal publishes articles addressing translational topics, including cancer, medicine, cell biology, nanomedicine and bioengineering. Some of the most fascinating articles are:

  • Stem cell therapy for brain tumors (link)
  • Cancer vaccines: bench to bedside (link)
  • Novel view of the adult stem cell compartment – of germline and parental imprinting (link)
  • Developing therapies with functional beta cells to treat diabetes (link)

The second is the Journal of Self-Assembly and Molecular Electronics, which is a multidisciplinary open access journal covering the areas of molecular electronics, self-assembly and nanotechnology. If someone ever builds Skynet, this is where they’ll publish about it. Some of the more intriguing articles are:

  • Molecular combing of DNA: methods and applications (link)
  • Enzyme mediated encapsulation of gold nanoparticles by polyaniline nanoshell (link)
  • Interaction of DNA bases with gold substrates (link)
  • Synthesis and properties of conjugates between silver nanoparticles and DNA-PNA hybrids (link)
  • Very fast algorithms for eliminating the diffraction effects in protein-based volumetric methods (link)
  • Computation strategies for protein-surface and protein-nanoparticles interactions (link)

We are happy to help in the promotion and visibility of such great research, and also to provide the additional functionality that our platform offers to researchers and publishers.

Stephanie Dawson, CEO of ScienceOpen said “It’s been great fun working with River Publishers. They’re highly professional, and dedicated to maximising the reach of the research they publish. We’re happy to work with them to promote their content and place it in a broader research context.”

These journals are placed into the context of all 24 million articles on our platform. They can all be read, shared, recommended, commented on, and peer reviewed.

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