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Enhanced article context at ScienceOpen

As part of our ongoing development of ScienceOpen 2.017, we have designed an exciting and most importantly, pretty, new context-enhanced webpage for each of our 27 million article records. Such enriched article metadata is becoming increasingly important in defining the context of research in the evolution of scholarly communication, in which we are moving away from journal- to article-level evaluation.

Statistically significant upgrades

All of the statistics have been moved to the top of the page, including the number of page views or readers, the Altmetric score, the number of recommendations, and the number of social media shares.


Newly featured statistics include the top references cited within, the top articles citing that paper, and the number of similar articles based on keywords and topics. These new features are great for authors as content creators, researchers as users, as well as publishers for understanding the popularity and context of research they publish.

For authors, many of these statistics are simply not provided by traditional publishers, or require some sort of fee-based service to see, such as through Scopus. We provide all of them for free – you don’t even need to become a member of ScienceOpen, although we do encourage it via ORCID so that you can leave comments and formally peer-review any article on the platform.

For publishers, these statistics tell you about how much additional usage and traffic content is getting from our platform. The importance of this is that these are article-level statistics, which are expected now as default from publishers, as part of the evolving landscape of scholarly publishing from a journal-level to an article-oriented economy.

For researchers, these statistics tell you about the usage and the potential relevance of articles to you and your research community, which can help save time when deciding which articles are most relevant to your own work.

To make things a little easier, we have also added a giant READ button to article pages. Shockingly, this takes you to the full text or PDF of an article when available (we can only provide full access to articles that are already open access).

Let me take you to the sidebar

The sidebar now contains additional enriched information on article context. You can now track similar articles, which are now prominently displayed and help you to track the network of related research for any given article. You can open this up into the full ScienceOpen search to take advantage of the advance filtering and discovery options we have.

Based on the above example

The most referenced authors from within a paper are also provided. This helps you to track down those researchers who are contributing most towards a particular research topic, and discover the additional research which they have published.

Gotta collect ‘em all

What better way to see if articles are relevant to your research than seeing if they have been included in one of our collections? Collections that include, or are related to, a particular article, are now also featured below the article metadata and abstract.

Scroll through different related collections

If you would like to build your own collection, and help contribute to the context and discovery of important research in your field, please do get in contact!