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Open Access in the Cause of Social Clinical Health Support

Open Access in the Cause of Social Clinical Health Support

Today we’re happy to announce that the Open Access journal Clinical Social Work and Health Intervention is now available on ScienceOpen!

The journal was established by the International Scientific Group of Applied Preventive Medicine I-GAP Vienna, Austria in 2010. Their three-pronged commitment was to find solutions to the current demands in social work practice, to help clinical social work students to fully develop their knowledge, skills and qualification, and to foster dialogue between social workers, doctors and teachers. This resulted in an open, independent exchange forum covering topics from Social Work, Psychology and other Social Sciences. Although theoretical concepts and suggestions are also part of the professional discussion, the journal is strongly practice-oriented and shares case-studies, reports and problem-solving strategies for issues such as healthcare ethics, family policies, unemployment  or infectious diseases such as hepatitis or AIDS. The aim of supporting new generations is also represented in that students are encouraged to share their experiences and as such to add a fresh spirit to the value of the journal.

The Open Access platform enables professionals to freely and rapidly share their knowledge and experience and actual reflections to the most urging problems of the field. This is especially important in the field of social work where the application of the most up-to-date knowledge while handling acute issues is essential. In the current issue, Public health intervention of refugees, these aims are straightforwardly manifested since it is dedicated to the most threatening social, mental and health problems of refugee crisis due to war conflicts in the Middle East and African Horn. In this monothematic issue, the health conditions of two main groups of refugees are examined: those passing through the Balkan Route from Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan, and those from North and Sub-Saharan Africa using/trafficking through the Mediterranean Route. These highly topical articles provide analyses of epidemiology and propose migrant screening of risk factors for tropical diseases.

The high quality and acknowledgment of the content is clearly indicated by the fact that the journal is indexed in the major scientific databases, such as Journal Guide, Cabell’s, Advanced Science Index, International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) or IARC (see the full list here).  The 2015 IARC Impact factor of the Journal was 1.168. Also, as a sign of its commitment to high scientific standards, the journal follows the ethic rules and is obliged to adhere all  COPE principles.

Want to know more about their mission? Check out the collection here!

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