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Digging dinosaurs at ScienceOpen

Today, we’re happy to announce the integration of the Journal of Paleontological Techniques (JPT) onto our platform! This journal is all about sharing and opening up the methods that palaeontologists use in their day-to-day research.

So if you love Jurassic Park and dinosaurs, this collection is perfect for you! All articles are Open Access, which means they are free to read, share, and re-use by anyone.

Sophie the Stegosaurus, on display at the Natural History Museum in London (source)

Here are some of our absolute favourite new articles:

We spoke to Executive Editor of JPT, Emanuel Tschopp, who said: “I’m very happy we are on ScienceOpen, it’s a great possibility to share our articles more widely than ever before. Methodologies and techniques are often neglected in scientific papers, but being able to apply them correctly is paramount for research. “

Alternate Executive Editor, Femke Holwerda, also said: “We want to show the processes behind the science, the preparation and conservation of (palaeontological) specimens, and also the methodologies. ScienceOpen displays everything we stand for; being Open Access and suitable for a wide audience. We hope we will become even more accessible by joining ScienceOpen. “

We already have a LOT of palaeontology research on our platform, with 4,600 articles on dinosaurs alone. We have researcher-led collections on ceratopsian dinosaurs, and the evolution of crocodylians, with ones on archosauromorphs and phytosaurs on the way too!

Any of these articles can be shared, recommended, commented on, or even peer reviewed and integrated with your ORCID and Publons accounts. That’s a great way to make an impact as a researcher!

If you want to build your own research collection, see here. If you run an APC-free Open Access journal, see here for details on getting indexed on our platform. For all other journals, please contact us directly here!

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