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MyScienceOpen: The only networking platform you’ll ever need

Today, we are happy to announce our launch of MyScienceOpen, the professional networking platform designed for a modern research environment.

Since 2013, ScienceOpen has been leading innovation in advanced search and discovery, open peer review, and content management. Now, by leveraging the power of ORCID, we bring you our latest service for helping researchers to make an impact in the open.

MyScienceOpen is an integrated profile where academics can visualize their research impact through enhanced author-level metrics. Key new features include:

  • Interactive visualizations of an author’s readers, citations, and Altmetric scores for all their publications through time;
  • Addition of non-specialist article summaries, disciplines, keywords, and images to their article records;
  • Extraction of articles as RIS, BibTex and Endnote citation metadata for your reference managers;
  • Enhanced statistics for collection Editors to track usage.
New features to enhance your article visibility!

Making an impact in a research discovery ecosystem

We designed these new features for you to make an increased impact, and keep track as your research progresses. All of this is provided to you within the context of a discovery environment of more than 31 million article records. It just makes sense to have these profile and article enhancement features integrated into an ecosystem where people are actually discovering and re-using research. And for free, of course.

On top of all these new features, MyScienceOpen is fully integrated into our existing range of features including collections and open evaluation tools. It forges the missing link in research workflows between discovery, management, and processing. By giving the researchers the tools they need to make their work more publicly accessible, we will help to drive usage from a more diverse range of audiences. Ultimately, MyScienceOpen is the place to develop a sustainable research career path while enhancing your research field in the open.

Use the new ‘Enhance Visibility’ button to add article summaries, images, keywords, and disciplines.


Co-Founder Prof. Dr. Alexander Grossmann is enthusiastic: “As someone who is an active researcher, these new profiles are a great way of tracking and quantifying the impact of my research. As we see the evolution of metrics in research assessment, we aim to be the vanguard for service delivery for institutes, researchers, and publishers.”

MyScienceOpen as a community platform

By activating researchers and encouraging them to interact with their research in the open, we will see value built up as a community process. Everyone benefits from this, especially researchers at an early career phase.


Track your individual impact through time with our new statistics!

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be posting more about how to interact with the new features. Until then, have a play and let us know what you think! Registration is completely free and takes only 30 seconds. Also, if you have an existing ORCID account, this is even easier! We also have a little ‘getting started‘ guide for new users.

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