Warm welcome to the May winners of our free indexing competition

The May round of our free Open Access indexing competition comes with a focus on the broader context of scholarly communication: education. The new APC-free, Open Access journals that we selected will be fully integrated into, and promoted on, our platform. They hail from different corners of the world, as part of our mission to break down geographical barriers to research.

They facilitate critical and open discussion on all levels of the educational system and bring issues like transparency in education, inequalities in learning opportunities, educational management, students’ experiences in higher education, and bringing  evidence-based best practices to the table.

Anyone can freely read, download, and share any of the articles, as well as export the article citation metadata to their favourite reference manager. ScienceOpen users can:

  1. Add them to a new or existing collection
  2. Recommend them to their colleagues
  3. Publicly peer review and comment on any they wish
  4. Invite their colleagues to peer review them

These new journals are:

Publisher: Institute of Business Management

Society/Institution: Institute of Business Management, Karachi

Country of publisher: Pakistan

The Journal of Education and Educational Development focuses on both theoretical and applied research studies in education and related disciplines. Through publishing research articles, case studies, book reviews, and critical reviews, the journal intends to present its audience with interdisciplinary themes on education and educational development.

Publisher: Nonpartisan Education Group

Society/Institution: Nonpartisan Education Group

Country of publisher: United States of America

Nonpartisan Education Review is an electronic journal providing a forum for the open critique of educational policies in the U.S. and beyond. By remaining non-aligned (i.e. non-partisan), their mission is to disseminate education information the public can trust in the overly-politicized world of education research in a truly independent manner.

Society/Institution and Publisher: Queensland University of Technology

Country of publisher: Australia

Student Success is a biannual academic journal aiming to disseminate current research and innovative good practice about students’ tertiary learning experiences. One issue per year is linked to the International STARS Conference. Accordingly, the journal themes align with the STARS ethos (Students, Transitions, Achievement, Retention and Success) and covers issues like: strategies for broader social inclusion and increasing participation in tertiary education, strategies promoting student achievement and graduate employability, or technology enhanced learning.

All these journals will become part of our next-generation indexing and discovery platform and will benefit from increased visibility, usage and branding for their indexed content. Congratulations!

If you run a free to publish (‘diamond’) Open Access journal, participate in our competition today and get indexed on ScienceOpen for free! As a little help, see our guidelines for indexing here.


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