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Tracking the impact of your collections

One of the greatest features we have at ScienceOpen are collections. These are thematic groupings of published articles and pre-prints, managed by a collection editor. Core features include:

Recently, we released our professional networking platform, MyScienceOpen. Built into our search and discovery platform, MyScienceOpen is about developing your research profile in the open, increasing the impact of your research, and quantifying that effect.

New features

Now, we have added a whole cadre of new features for editors. These are designed to help you understand, contextualise, and assess the impact and growth of your collections.

  1. Summary statisticsThese include the total number of articles, views, summed Altmetric score, the number of peer reviews, recommendations, social media shares, and people who are following your collection on ScienceOpen.
    Summary statistics of a collection on the evolution of crocodiles


  2. Your collection in context. How many nodes or connections has your collection made? See summaries of the number of articles, journals, authors, referenced articles, and citations your collection has on ScienceOpen.

    How many connections has your research made?
  3. Article views through time. Track your total article views on ScienceOpen through time. Get a boost by adding non-specialist summaries to each of your articles! Note that these are EXTRA views for your work on our platform. As a search engine, ScienceOpen increase the visibility and discoverability of your work, and tracks that automatically for you.

    Dynamic number of views through time
  4. Average article views through time. As above, but the average across all your articles through time. This going up is generally a good thing!

    Average number of views across all articles through time
  5. Social shares through time. How many times has your collection been shared on social media? Includes counts for Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

    Is your collection popular on social media?
  6. Interactions through time. Tracks the number of recommendations, peer reviews, and comments for your collection. Editors can increase this by inviting comments and reviews from their community!

    How many interactions is your collection getting through time?

Become an Editor

We now have 165 great collections on ScienceOpen, with many more in the works too. If you’d like to become an Editor for your very own collection, or start one with your research lab or colleagues, drop us a message and we’ll take it from there!

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