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New feature: Export citation lists at ScienceOpen

Rapid innovation and evolution drives good science

At ScienceOpen, we are constantly evolving to match the needs and demands of the global research community. Already this week, we announced a new feature for users to directly import articles from PubMed, DOAJ, or Crossref, semantically integrate them into our network, and boost your open citation counts.

Now, ScienceOpen provides all users with is the ability to export article citation lists based on search criteria. This is a unique service we provide, and saves researchers the laborious and tedious task of individually assembling reference databases. Like all other services for researchers at ScienceOpen, this is, of course, free!

The export citation button now appears on every article record in our database (source).

We now offer citation exports at two different levels:

1. Export individual articles

Found an article you like on ScienceOpen and want to export it to your reference manager? Easy! On each article page, across 33 million records, there is now an ‘Export citation’ button. You can download them in either BibTex, Endnote, or RIS format, making them compatible with almost any modern reference manager.

Export any ScienceOpen search result into Endnote, BibTe, or RIS format (Source)

2. Export search results

ScienceOpen’s main feature is our search engine. It offers you more flexibility and sort and filter options than any other scholarly search engine, tailored to every individual user’s needs. This makes it easier than ever to discover what you need to do your research efficiently and effectively.

You can now export the whole results of any search query on ScienceOpen. This includes:

  • Standard searches (e.g., keyword, author, publisher), and any filters you have applied (e.g., Open Access, publication date)
  • Any individual author’s publication list
  • The reference list of any article
  • All articles that cite any other reference
  • Any journal, publisher, or collection
Export publication lists of individual researchers (Source)

The flexibility that this affords to you is incredibly useful. Researchers can spend years carefully curating a reference list from numerous sources, and it will still remain incomplete. Our new feature helps researchers to rapidly build comprehensive lists of references. Due to the variety of sources that we integrate articles from, we make it easier to discover articles that you might have previously missed. Our smart article matching and recommendation technology makes this even simpler, making sure that you are aware of all the research that you need for your own work.

As always, let us know what you think! Are there ways we can improve the service? What would you like to see in the future?

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