100 featured journals benefitting from ScienceOpen discovery technology

The ScienceOpen discovery and collaboration environment offers state-of-the-art technological infrastructure allowing publishers to create an entirely new kind of showcase for their journals. Our Featured Collections help users to drill down and explore content with over 20 filters and sorting options, combining depth and precision to make discovery more efficient.

Featured Collections deliver great benefits to publishers in terms of content visibility and discoverability. We are therefore happy to announce that we have now hit the 100 Featured Collections milestone!

Top partners

Some of our top publishing partners helping to reach this goal include:

Example from Hogrefe Publishing Group.

To date we have added nearly 40,000 new articles and metadata records from our partners to ScienceOpen, for a total of more than 35 million records in our network. This has been achieved through cooperation with a broad range of international publishers and content types, ranging from Open Access to subscription articles and proceedings.

Taking hosting to a whole new level

Recently, we extended our services by offering Open Access hosting to publishers. We launched this with UCL Press as our pilot customer, including all 7 of their high quality journals and with each one having its own Featured Collection. Interactive options such as recommendations, social media sharing, comments and review further support community building around journal content.

100 featured collections!

We promote collections using custom-designed banners on all related content within the entire ScienceOpen network. We provide a range of usage statistics to all of our partners to help them track the increased visibility and re-use of their content on our platform. For our publisher customers the “Read” button links back to the full-text version of record on the their website.

Featured content is also widely added to topical collections managed by research experts, and thus gains wider attention within their communities. We have over 200 collections in total now, representing an enormous diversity of research fields and topics. Around half of these are edited and curated by researchers, who share their passion and expertise in their fields with anyone on ScienceOpen.

More information

If you’re a scholarly publisher and want to have your journal(s) featured on ScienceOpen, contact us here for more details. If you are interested in becoming an Editor for your own collection, see this blog post for contact and more details on the features offered.