A diamond Open Access journey around the globe

Diamond Open Access journals shining bright on the colorful Open Access landscape. These independent scholarly forums provide immediate Open Access completely free of charge to both authors and readers. Their mission of making academic knowledge a public good is achieved with support from academic institutions and donations but more importantly it is achieved by the passionate volunteer work of editors, editorial board members, and reviewers.

To help these valuable contributions to become more visible, we run a free indexing competition for APC-free OA journals and offer our winners a Featured Collection for one year for free. Collections are a specialized and customized promotional service to increase visibility and findability of selected journals or selected research topics within our discovery platform and can easily be used to also track and measure usage of research articles.

In the last round of 2017, focus was on the field of medicine and health, since Open Access to research might nowhere be of more immediate importance. Our winners connect research from Europe, India, and Asia and give you an insight of the latest medical innovations as well as research on physical and mental wellbeing.

Wikijournal of Medicine

 Publisher: Wiki Project Med Foundation

Society/Institution: Wikiversity Journal Council

Country of publisher: Sweden

WikiJournal of Medicine is the first Wikipedia-integrated academic journal. It came into existence along a double aim of gathering and providing free access to high-quality, peer reviewed medical knowledge as well as using such knowledge to improve Wikipedia articles, or Wikimedia Foundation projects. By publishing in the journal, authors therefore are able to share and exchange their results with their peers and communicate them to the broader public in one go.  On top of this, the journal maintains full transparency in its publishing workflow, as all peer reviews and article versions are publicly accessible and receive a DOI. (Reviewers! Take credits for your valuable work!)

Some of our favorite articles include:

The Year of the Elephant

Table of pediatric medical conditions and findings named after foods

Insights into abdominal pregnancy

We asked  Dr. Mikael Häggström, Editor-in-Chief of Wikijournal of Medicine, about why they chose to enter the competition. He said:

We are very grateful to now be indexed in ScienceOpen, which will definitely help us in our aim of gathering and providing free access to high-quality, peer reviewed medical knowledge.

wikijournal of medicine

Journal of Medical Research and Innovation

Publisher: Biomedical Research and Therapy

Society/Institution: Varavime Health Care Foundation

Country of Publisher: India

JMRI is a peer-reviewed, clinically oriented journal aiming to start a new era of research in India and across the globe by helping medical students, post graduate students, and physicians to publish their meritorious articles. It covers all the sub-specialties of Medicine including cellular biology, zoology and futuristic medicine (Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in medicine). Below you can find a selection of some of the most exciting topics and articles.

Vegetarian Diet: A Boon or Bane for Health?

Health Problems and Health Care Seeking Behaviour of Rohingya Refugees

ACE Alzheimer’s: The Role of Vitamin A, C and E (ACE) in Oxidative Stress induced Alzheimer’s Disease

journal of medical research and innovation

Asian Journal of Behavioural Studies (AjBeS ) and Asian Journal of Quality of Life (AjQoL)

Publisher: International Publishing House, UK

Country of Publisher: UK

The twin journals Asian Journal of Quality of Life (AjQoL) and Asian Journal of Behavioural Studies (AjBeS) are international interdisciplinary quarterly journals publishing conference proceedings.

  • AjQoL brings together the best papers presented at the AicQoL (AMER International Conference on Quality of Life), which is held in Southeast-Asian countries, and at the AQoL (ABRA International Conference on Quality of Life), which is held in non-Southeast-Asian countries.
  • AjBeS publishes selected papers presented at the AcE-Bs (Asian Conference on Environment-Behaviour Studies), which is held in Asian countries, and at the AicE-Bs (Asia-Pacific International Conference on Environment-Behaviour Studies), which is held in non-Asian countries.

The double-blind peer-reviewed papers are concerned with Quality of Life (QoL) issues and with the interrelationship of human behavior with the environment.

Here is a little teaser from their selected articles:

Food Connection for Golden Triangle, Taiwan

Man’s and Woman’s Motivation to Exercise

Human Behaviour and Resilience Hospital

Translational Social Science and Humanities Research in Malaysia

asian journal of quality of life

Recognizing the great efforts behind these high-quality diamond Open Access journals, we in turn offer them free integration into our platform to help build up their status and visibility by putting all of this research to the same level as research contained within PubMed Central or other biomedical journals belonging to the big commercial publishers. We believe that all research needs to be read, evaluated, and, if applicable, re-used by anyone, irrespective of where that research was conducted or who published it. By getting indexed on ScienceOpen, they:

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