ScienceOpen highlights ‘Vasa – European Journal of Vascular Medicine’ in over 5,000 articles in ‘Hogrefe Medicine’

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Following the launch of ‘Hogrefe Psychology’ last week and thanks to ScienceOpen’s extended collaboration with the Hogrefe Publishing Group, today we are pleased to bring ‘Hogrefe Medicine’ to your attention – a Hogrefe featured collection bringing together the latest research in medicine. This collection is a diverse portfolio of highly regarded, mostly peer-reviewed, journals in German and English language in the fields of medicine. These journals are aimed at academics and clinicians in research centers, hospitals, and medical practices across the globe. Hogrefe highlights ‘Vasa – European Journal of Vascular Medicine’—the official organ of the GermanSwiss, and Slovenian Societies of Angiology, and the European Society for Vascular Medicine—within the context of over 5,000 research articles in ‘Hogrefe Medicine’.

Vasa publishes original research articles, case reports, and reviews on vascular biology, epidemiology, prevention, diagnosis, medical treatment, and interventions for diseases of the arterial circulation. This journal combines basic science with clinical medicine, making it relevant to all physicians interested in the whole vascular field. Vasa currently invites submissions of original manuscripts for their special issue on “Health Insurance Claims Data in Vascular Research and Quality Improvement”. This special issue will combine contemporary reviews and original research studies addressing the advantages and limitations of health insurance claims data and comparable administrative data. The final deadline for submission of research articles is July 1st, 2019.

ScienceOpen and Hogrefe Publishing Group believe that ‘Hogrefe Medicine’ and  ‘Vasa – European Journal of Vascular Medicine’ will be helpful to all researchers studying various fields of medicine. The Hogrefe medicine content is contextualized within the broader research environment of over 50 million article records on ScienceOpen to enhance the visibility and impact of scientific research in medicine. We invite you to discuss and engage with this diverse content through the many tools our interactive platform has to offer or to help spread the word on social media.

Complete list of journals included in the ‘Hogrefe Medicine’ collection:

GeroPsych – The Journal of Gerontopsychology and Geriatric Psychiatry: a leading international journal that provides an interdisciplinary forum for the rapidly growing field of aging research. GeroPsych publishes original research that addresses biological, psychological, behavioral, social, and cultural aspects of the aging process and seeks articles that combine theoretical, experimental, and applied perspectives on the diversity, heterogeneity, variability, and plasticity of the aging process and older populations.

International Journal for Vitamin and Nutrition Research: an international forum for scientific advances in the study of nutrition and vitamins since 1930. This journal is of particular interest to nutritionists, vitaminologists, biochemists, physicians, engineers of human and animal nutrition, and food scientists.

Praxis – Schweizerische Rundschau für Medizin / Revue suisse de la médecine: an advanced education journal for physicians with a practical orientation – from university training to having their own practice.

Therapeutische Umschau: a monthly interdisciplinary journal on selected topics from practical medicine written by renowned experts.

Zeitschrift für Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie und Psychotherapie: a journal for child and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapy that addresses the scientific challenges and clinical tasks of the field by representing knowledge transfer, growth, and generation in German-speaking countries.

Zeitschrift für Psychiatrie, Psychologie und Psychotherapie: a thematic journal whose focus is the scientific examination of mental disorders as well as psychotherapeutic intervention procedures and the methods of their development and evaluation.

Crisis – The Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention: an international periodical that publishes original articles on suicidology and crisis intervention. This journal also publishes potentially life-saving information for all those involved in crisis intervention and suicide prevention, making it important reading for clinicians, counselors, hotlines, and crisis intervention centers.

SUCHT: Zeitschrift für Wissenschaft und Praxis: a journal founded in 1891 and one of the two oldest journals of addiction research. This journal has an international focus on the presentation of high-quality and innovative scientific and clinical communications in German and English. Special features are the interest in and promotion of interdisciplinary work from the field of addiction research, the promotion of dialogue between specialist disciplines and between research and practice and / or politics.

‘Vasa – European Journal of Vascular Medicine’: a journal in vascular medicine that combines basic science with clinical medicine, making it relevant to all physicians in this field.