ScienceOpen and Tsinghua University Press partner to increase impact of Chinese research

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The discovery platform ScienceOpen is partnering with Tsinghua University Press (TUP) to contextualize and promote Chinese research within an interactive research environment. This partnership integrates six TUP journals as featured collections in the ScienceOpen Super Collection ‘Tsinghua University Press’.

Tsinghua University Press started its international outreach in the 1990s and has ever since been actively involved in the international exchange of scientific research. Thanks to the resources of Tsinghua University, TUP has been one of the key players in the Chinese academic and higher education publishing landscape. With its freely accessible, interactive discovery environment of over 55 million article records, ScienceOpen places TUP’s journal content within a broad international research framework.

We are very happy to work with ScienceOpen. Tsinghua University Press is committed to publishing high-level English academic journals to the world, striving to improve the display of articles and serving the academic activities of sharing, openness and socialization of scientists in China and around the world.

Lei Shi, Director of the Journal Center of Tsinghua University Press

ScienceOpen will feature six TUP journals in the ‘Tsinghua University Press’ Super Collection, including Tsinghua Science and Technology, Journal of Advanced Ceramics, and Friction.

ScienceOpen’s customized search engine increases the discoverability of TUP’s journal content, while interactive features such as community curation and article reviews benefit the authors by facilitating public engagement with their research – with in-depth statistics to reflect it.

We are excited to work with the very prestigious Tsinghua University to promote their journals. Global exchange and outreach are critical to our mission and we expect to learn a lot from this partnership.

Stephanie Dawson, CEO of ScienceOpen

ScienceOpen and Tsinghua University Press hope this partnership will increase the impact of Chinese research for the benefit of wider scientific community.


ScienceOpen发现平台与清华大学出版社(TUP)合作,在互动研究环境中对中国研究进行国际化推广。ScienceOpen平台将使用最高级别– Super Collection形式推广清华大学出版社,并且将清华大学出版社中6本期刊以特色合集的形式推广。



ScienceOpen平台清华大学出版社Super Collection中包含6本清华大学出版社期刊,包括Tsinghua Science and Technology, Journal of Advanced Ceramics, 和 Friction.

ScienceOpen的客制化搜索引擎增加了清华大学出版社期刊内容的可发现性,而学术社区策划和文章评论等互动功能,通过促进公众参与其研究而使作者受益 — ScienceOpen通过透明而详细的统计数据来反馈给期刊。

ScienceOpen首席执行官Stephanie Dawson说:“我们很高兴与著名的清华大学合作推广他们的期刊。全球交流和沟通对我们的使命至关重要,我们希望从这种伙伴关系中学到很多东西。“



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