ScienceOpen partners with Bioscientifica to increase the discoverability of biomedical research

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ScienceOpen and the biomedical publisher Bioscientifica are pleased to announce a partnership that integrates open-access articles from seven endocrinology and reproduction journals published by Bioscientifica in the ScienceOpen research discovery environment in the form of a featured collection.

Owned by the Society for Endocrinology, Bioscientifica exists to support biomedicine, strengthening biomedical communities to advance science and health.  All of the journals included in the ‘Bioscientifica Open Endocrinology & Reproduction’ collection on ScienceOpen are society-owned and high-impact, sitting in the top two quartiles of the Science Citation Expanded Index. This new collection features Open Access articles from journals Endocrine-Related Cancer, European Journal of Endocrinology, Journal of Endocrinology, Journal of Molecular Endocrinology, Reproduction, and the fully open-access journal Endocrine Connections. Case reports from the open-access database Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism Case Reports are also included.

ScienceOpen, Bioscientifica and the journal’s owning societies, Society for Endocrinology, European Society of Endocrinology and Society for Reproduction and Fertility are committed to increasing the discoverability of biomedical research. Embedded in the ScienceOpen discovery platform of over 55 million article records, the ‘Bioscientifica Open Endocrinology & Reproduction’ featured collection is put in a global research environment with dynamic sorting and filtering tools. Interactive features such as community curation, article reviews, and comments create a space for researcher engagement.

Partnering with ScienceOpen offers Bioscientifica’s authors another avenue for their articles to be found and read. It also offers authors the ability to add further information to supplement their article, including lay summaries, additional images, colleague’s reviews, as well as quick social media sharing functionality. We hope that this collection allows our readers to find highly relevant endocrinology and reproduction articles, all free to read in one place.

Victoria Merriman, Marketing Manager at Bioscientifica

Society publishing represents some of the most community-driven scholarly communication available. We are very happy to be able to support societies with a wide range of tools to further promote communication around their open access articles and journals and promote them as an attractive publishing outlet for authors.

Stephanie Dawson, CEO of ScienceOpen

This partnership between ScienceOpen and Bioscientifica integrates open-access endocrinology and reproduction research in the broader research discovery environment with the aim of highlighting its scientific and social importance.  

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  1. Hmm.. you know what? Thank you for opening our mind about biomedical science and how fundamental for outside companies to provide sufficient platforms for researchers to spread their knowledge. My neighbor’s cousin plans to pursue a PhD in such a course probably next year to further establish her status as a medical expert. I’ll suggest she reads this article beforehand so she can choose the right place to study.

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