ScienceOpen and Future Science Group expand their partnership to include latest biomedical research on the platform

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ScienceOpen and Future Science Group are pleased to announce an extended collaboration that integrates two new featured collections covering the latest scientific findings in drug discovery and biotechniques into the ScienceOpen research discovery environment. These collections join the already featured open-access article collection ‘Future Science: Open Access’ that includes research, review and opinion articles from across the biomedical sciences.

ScienceOpen’s partnership with Future Science Group – a progressive scientific publisher focused on publishing breakthrough medical, biotechnological and scientific research – marks an important contribution to advancing clinical practice and drug research. Future Science Group’s portfolio consists of three publishing imprints, Future Science, Future Medicine, Newlands Press, as well as a content development imprint, PharmaPlatforms. ScienceOpen’s freely accessible and interactive discovery environment of over 55 million article records places Future Science Group’s journal content within a broader research framework.

Future Science Group’s new collections on ScienceOpen feature two journals:

Future Drug Discovery – a new peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary journal covering the latest scientific research in drug discovery, research and development.

BioTechniques – a peer-reviewed, open-access journal dedicated to publishing original laboratory methods, related technical tools, and methods-oriented review articles for life scientists and scientists from other disciplines interested in life science applications for their technologies.

The aim of Future Science Group is to advance clinical practice and drug research by optimizing the communication between clinicians, researchers and decision-makers, and by providing innovative solutions to that end. ScienceOpen’s interactive features such as community curation, article reviews, comments and recommendations benefit all stakeholders by facilitating public engagement with scholarly research and increasing research discoverability.

Discovery of scientific research, and being able to see that research in context, is hugely important to enable further, successful scientific research. At Future Science Group we support ScienceOpen’s mission to facilitate open and public communication between academics, and are delighted to be partnering with them on these two exciting journals.  

Francesca Lake, Head of Open Access Publishing at Future Science Group

In fast moving fields like drug discovery and biotech it is essential to get research published as quickly and distributed as widely as possible. We are thrilled to support the Future Science Group with two new open access journals that are pushing their fields forward and exploring open communication around their content.

Stephanie Dawson, CEO of ScienceOpen

ScienceOpen and Future Science Group believe that integrating ‘Future Drug Discovery’ and ‘BioTechniques’ will increase the global impact of latest scientific discoveries in these fields.

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