Society publishing and open science: New research in genomic prediction on ScienceOpen

Photo credit: ‘Genomics of Gene Regulation (GGR)’, National Human Genome Research Institute, Flickr, CC BY 2.0

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According to a recently published LSE Impact Blog article, society publishing might just be the key to realizing an open access future. Committed to open science practices, ScienceOpen has been supporting scholarly society journals since its foundation in 2013 and continues to do so by integrating society research on the platform in the form of featured Collections.

ScienceOpen provides an open platform that comes with a myriad of open access community building tools and interactive features. Placed in a research discovery environment of over 58 million article records, society journals are put in a broad and dynamic context that encourages open discussion through features such as open peer review and comments. ScienceOpen’s interactive and open environment facilitates the implementation of open science goals and practices even beyond the platform. Community curation through the creation of researcher-led Collections, article reviews, and recommendations create a forum for user engagement and scholarly collaboration, making science open across disciplines.

Society Collections on ScienceOpen make up a diverse portfolio of multidisciplinary research from publishers such as the Microbiology Society, Society for Endocrinology, Biochemical Society, Italian Society of Victimology, Société Internationale de Chirurgie Orthopédique et de Traumatologie (SICOT) (eng. International Society for Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology), Sylvia Townsend Warner Society and Genetics Society of America (GSA).  Following the successful integration of GSA’s open access journal G3 into the platform, we are pleased to announce that the newest addition to our portfolio is ‘Genomic Prediction’ – a Super Collection by the Genetics Society of America that integrates articles from journals Genetics and G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics.

Latest research in genomic prediction on ScienceOpen

As one of the leading scientific publishers in genetics and genomics research, GSA publishes the latest high-quality research in these fields. These publications are now more easily discoverable in the ScienceOpen digital research environment.

The ‘Genomic Prediction’ Super Collection on ScienceOpen is a virtual series on this topic that helps scientists navigate among papers of interest in their research fields and mediates collaboration between experts. These papers are published in journal issues of Genetics and G3 and then virtually organized in thematic categories. You can discover and explore GSA’s publications in genomic prediction using our customized search engine across 11 topical sub-Collections on the platform:

Accuracy Improvement – featuring articles on topics such as genomic selection, genetic models, shared data resources, computer simulation and linkage disequilibrium.

Animal – featuring articles on topics such as breeding, disease resistance, cattle/pig/drosophila, genetic markers and aquaculture.

Concepts, Benchmarks & Synthesis – featuring articles on topics such as gene frequency, linkage disequilibrium, genetic models, genetics and breeding.

Genetic Gain – featuring articles on topics such as polymorphism, quantitative trait loci, genetic markers, genetic selection and genomic prediction.

Genotype Predictions – featuring articles on topics such as chromosome mapping, genetic mapping, genomic prediction, genotype, haplotypes and genetic models.

Higher Dimensions – featuring articles on topics such as genomic prediction and selection, multi-environment, plant breeding and deep learning.

Human Genetics – featuring articles on topics such as genomic selection, prediction of complex traits, big data and neurodevelopmental disorders.

Method – featuring articles on topics such as genomic mapping, genomic prediction of complex phenotypes, DNA methylation data and modelling epistasis in genomic selection.

Plant – featuring articles on topics such as climate maladaptation, genetic variance partitioning, breeding, polymorphism and single nucleotide.

Relatedness Matrix Estimation – featuring articles on topics such as genomic prediction using multi-trait weighted GBLUP, genetic architecture, genomic selection and linkage disequilibrium.

Software – featuring articles on topics such as genome-wide regression and prediction with the BGLR statistical package and resource allocation simulations.

Contextualized within the broader research discovery environment on the ScienceOpen platform, the ‘Genomic Prediction’ Super Collection benefits from enhanced digital discoverability for a greater scientific and social impact of genomics research.

With two society Super Collections – ‘Microbiology Society’ and ‘Genomic Prediction’ – and several other society Collections successfully integrated into the platform, ScienceOpen believes that assisting scholarly societies in creating a digital outreach is an important step in implementing open science practices in the scholarly publishing industry as a whole. We look forward to continuing to make science open by collaborating with more learned societies in the future!

If you would like to get in touch about promoting your society journal in the form of a featured Collection on ScienceOpen, contact Stephanie Dawson or Stuart Cooper for more information. We would be happy to arrange a call to discuss your requirements, create an offer, and give you a short demonstration of our platform.

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