Two new collections from Akadémiai Kiadó – ‘Psychology’ and ‘Life Sciences’.

The ScienceOpen Collections ‘Psychology by AKJournals’ and ‘Life Sciences by AKJournals’ are online! They join ‘Methods’ as no. 2 and no. 3 out of five planned AKJournals’ Collections. This combined release brings together nine scientific journals, which are a valuable source of knowledge on disciplines ranging from human behavioral studies, through medicine, to biology. The new content is interdisciplinary and diverse, and surely will be a treat for many groups of researchers! Read more for an overview of AKJournals’ freshly featured materials.

The first new collection – Life Sciences by AKJournals– focuses on medical microbiology, immunology, interventional medicine, medical sciences and public health and integrates three journals:

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Developments in Health Sciences is an Open Access peer-reviewed journal on all aspects of health sciences and related fields in medical sciences and health care; such as nutrition, physiotherapy, and public health. Importantly, manuscripts accepted for publication in 2019 are not charged with Article Processing Charge.

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The European Journal of Microbiology and Immunology is a Gold Open Access journal in the field of medical microbiology and immunology of infection. The journal puts emphasis on research on infections caused by pathogenic bacteria and parasites, molecular mechanisms of pathogenicity, host-pathogen interaction, innate and adaptive immunity to infection, and antimicrobial chemotherapy.

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Interventional Medicine & Applied Science is a multidisciplinary English-language journal hosted by five Hungarian scientific societies. The focus of the journal is on both interventional medical activities and minimal invasive specialties such as cardiology, anesthesia, and intensive care medicine.

The second new collection – Psychology by AKJournals– zooms in on behavioral addictions, psychedelic medicine, adult learning, anthropology, human behavioral ecology, and education. It compiles research from six journals:

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Evolution, Mind and Behaviour is an Open Access, Online Only journal which focuses on the application of evolutionary theory to the human behavioral sciences. The journal publishes both empirical and theoretical manuscripts from scholars across a range of disciplines including psychology, anthropology, and human behavioral ecology.

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The Journal of Behavioral Addictions creates a fully open access forum for the scientific information exchange regarding behavioral addictions. The journal features interdisciplinary approaches to non-substance addictions, addictive patterns of various behaviors, and disorders of the impulsive-compulsive spectrum.

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The Journal of Psychedelic Studies is a home for exchange of information about psychedelic substances and the biological, neurochemical and psychological changes they facilitate. The broad scope of the journal includes reports on pharmacological modification of consciousness, psychedelic experiences, therapeutic potential of these substances, and their cultural implications. The journal’s philosophy is grounded in biology and psychology but it is also open to considerations of spirituality and religion.

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Sleep Spindles & Cortical Up States: A multidisciplinary journal is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal publishing research on all aspects of sleep spindles, cortical and thalamic up/down states. The journal is dedicated to promoting robust scientific practice and eliminating publication bias. Therefore, the methodological quality of research takes precedence over the reported results. As a result, the journal also welcomes replication attempts and methodologically sound research reporting non-significant results.

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The Journal of Adult Learning, Knowledge and Innovation strives to be inclusive in scope by understanding and interpreting adult learning and knowledge construction at the intersection of theory and practice, including both formal and non-formal learning contexts. It publishes empirical and theoretical papers that emphasize a problem-oriented, critical approach to research and scholarship, thus going beyond mere description of practice.

Educatio is an interdisciplinary review covering social aspects of higher education, doctorate programs, and other fields of instruction. Its individual approach consists of appearing as thematic numbers, whose concepts are developed at regular meetings of its editorial committee. The thematic studies on a scientific level are augmented by shorter, associated information articles, empirical studies, and critical bibliography reviews.

ScienceOpen puts Akadémiai Kiadó’s publications in the highlight

AKJournals’ – Akadémiai Kiadó’s journal publishing branch  portfolio already impresses with its richness: twelve journals across three collections presenting hundreds of academic publications, and even more is bound to come! To make it easier for researchers and interested readers to discover AKJournals’ content and navigate through it, ScienceOpen offers a fully developed, intuitive research discovery environment.

Thanks to ScienceOpen’s customized search engine to an interactive environment of dynamic sorting and filtering tools, AK’s publications will be easily reachable and accessible. Moreover, to provide a platform where researcher engagement and scientific co-operation blossom, ScienceOpen supports interactive features, such as community curation and post-publication peer review.

ScienceOpen is pleased to successfully realize the consecutive steps of the co-operation aimed at increasing the discoverability of journals from Akadémiai Kiadó – Hungary’s leading scientific publisher. We invite you to discuss, share and engage with this diverse content by using the myriad of tools on our interactive platform.

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