New Notification System on ScienceOpen: Flexible Way to Stay Tuned

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We all need to stay informed about what’s new and at the same time we are drowning in e-mail and other notifications. ScienceOpen has, therefore, reorganized its notifications to give every user more options and more flexibility to aggregate notification streams. ScienceOpen notifications let you stay informed of news from ScienceOpen, activity in the collections you follow and other users’ interactions with your ScienceOpen profile. You can also follow the statistics related to your publications or curated collections. In this recent update, the platform was modified both to personalize email preferences and to provide a clear overview of all notifications via the ScienceOpen portal.

The new notification system is a powerful tool that allows researchers to easily see what’s going on in the community, as well as get steady updates on how their own research is performing. With this great power comes great flexibility. Email notifications can be conveniently individualized, so that everyone can decide on ‘what’ and ‘how often’ to be informed about. This means that the information supplied by ScienceOpen via email can be closely aligned to the style of one’s user activity. For instance, more and more people are experimenting with ScienceOpen’s infrastructure, be it by customizing indexing of their content or managing topical collections – this group can choose to receive the relevant metrics on a more frequent basis and use the data to assess their performance, as well as closely track their growing impact, from anywhere, anytime. 

In addition to sharing information via email, ScienceOpen stores all the messages in the ‘Notifications’ menu. Thanks to this feature, you do not have to worry about missing anything. The notifications can easily be reached from a profile’s dashboard and are grouped into folders for more visibility. This translates into an immediate access without having to log in to an email account. It also guarantees that all the information is securely stored in one place and will not be lost among notifications from other sources. The new system provides plenty of options to accommodate for every user’s individual preferences. To access the notifications settings and customize your experience with the information from ScienceOpen, click the ‘Administration’ button and select preferred options.

We have thoroughly tested the new system before the official launch. But if you think that a given notification should not have landed in your mailbox, do not hesitate to contact our support team at

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