New sustainable building solutions in ‘Journal of Green Building’ on ScienceOpen

Photo source: Logan et al. (2010, p. 9)

How to design eco-friendly buildings? How can artificial intelligence help in green design? How can we green the universities, and make sure that students learn about the principles of sustainability in the best possible way? Finally, how can the design and construction of sustainable buildings fight climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions? These are examples of questions that the Journal of Green Building – published by College Publishing – addresses in the new journal Collection in the ScienceOpen research discovery environment.

How “green” are green walls? Check out Mike Weinmaster’s article in the Industry Corner.

Photo source: Weinmeister (2010, p. 6)

The initiatives such as Global Climate Strike and Fridays for Future constantly remind us that the problem of global weather disruption is something that we have to devise and test much-needed solutions to. The Journal of Green Building is an innovative answer to this call – its purpose is to present the very best peer-reviewed research in green building design, construction, engineering, facilities management, building information modelling, and community and urban planning.

On top of showcasing theoretical and technological innovation in design, the Collection of the journal’s articles highlights the role of applied solutions and pedagogy in the trans-formative process towards green built environments. It is a great read for those who want to learn about practical examples of sustainable building and find out more about successfully completed green projects. Additionally, two sections of the journal – New Directions in Teaching and Research and Campus Sustainability – focus on how and where sustainability is being taught. These featured articles offer recommendations for a curriculum change, inform about best teaching practices and provide guidance to greening university campuses. In short, green practices need to lie at the heart of education, but it only makes sense if they are taught in green classrooms!

New Directions in Teaching and Research: Karen M. Kensek discusses visual scripting – an easy-to-use tool for flexible and intelligent building design.

Photo source: Kensek (2018, p. 134).

ScienceOpen and College Publishing hope that this cooperation will promote an environmentally sound approach to building and construction. As a featured collection on the research discovery platform ScienceOpen with over 60 million article records, the Journal of Green Building is integrated into a global research environment with dynamic sorting and filtering tools. ScienceOpen highlights the new ‘Journal of Green Building’ Collection in its research discovery environment as an important step in raising awareness about green solutions to the pressing problems of today’s global ecosystem.

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