Explore COVID-19 researcher-led resources and share your own expertise on the ScienceOpen platform

Help us inform others and get credit for it! At ScienceOpen, we are catalysing the information campaign around the novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19. Our Collections infrastructure is available to use free-of-charge, for both publishers and researchers alike. Everyone can join us to build a rich network of knowledge around the coronavirus, and each individual contribution is very important and valued on our platform!

In this post, we want to showcase a number of coronavirus-related Collections curated by researchers, and to present to you how to use the ScienceOpen platform to share own research and create digital resources for others to learn from.

Highlights from ScienceOpen’s researcher community

The first Collection, Point-of-Care Testing for COVID-19 by Nikita Pant Pai and Anna de Waal, promotes articles in point-of-care testing (also known as bedside testing) for COVID-19 and the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, including cutting-edge research and innovations in rapid diagnostic testing.

(The Collection is part of Point-of-Care Testing for Infectious Diseases Super Collection. Make sure to check it out for hundreds of articles curated by experts in the field of infectious diseases!)
The second Collection complements nicely the larger picture of medicine nowadays, by focusing on remote healthcare. The Covid-19 Lessons: How Telemedicine Helps by Jan Beger and Nina Bit-Avragim is a compilation of articles on all aspects of telemedicine currently relevant in the COVID-19 crisis.
The third highlighted Collection in this post is slightly different from the previous two in its scope. Instead of a topic, it focuses on the African continent: COVID-19 Research in and about Africa is a Collection managed by AfricArxiv, a community-led digital archive for African research communication.

We are very happy that we can aid scientific communication among our community we hope you will enjoy these resources created by our ScienceOpen members. If you would like to provide your own contribution, read below to find out how you can set up your own Collection, upload preprints, or share conference posters. Please note that in order to use these features, you would need a ScienceOpen account. But do not worry: its free and very easy to set up. Just go here: https://www.scienceopen.com/register

What a researcher can do on ScienceOpen

1. Collections
For more information regarding Collections, go to: About ScienceOpen: Collections

We encourage individual researchers to highlight their achievements and share their expertise with the community through our Collection infrastructure, of course free-of-charge. Researcher-led Collections can focus on a well-established research topic, research methodology, or a novel problem. Both the scope and target audience can vary freely. A Collection can be narrow or broad in scope, aimed at an introductory or very specialized audience, draw from one or many academic disciplines.

What’s in it for you? Articles in a Collection are viewed, read, and reviewed much more often, giving you more visibility for your work.

2. Preprints
To learn more about our preprint solutions, read more here: Publish preprints at ScienceOpen

In the time of crisis, rapid scientific communication is key. Just publish your preprint directly to ScienceOpen: make your work immediately discoverable and open it up to community feedback! ScienceOpen locates your work in context of other scientific publications. Readers are directed to your preprint via a network of related publications, keywords, and Collections in which your article is featured. Once the preprint is on ScienceOpen, it can receive feedback in an open peer review model. Author can also invite reviewers directly thanks to a convenient suite of peer review tools!

3. Conference posters
Conference cancelled? No problem. Publish your poster with us. Further information: Conference posters publishing with ScienceOpen

We want to support those researchers affected by conference cancellations as result of COVID-19You can share your research results by uploading posters to ScienceOpen. This is a free service that is always and everywhere accessible, and indefinitely available to use as open access without paywalls or other limitations. 

As with preprints, posters become immediately available to community curation – fellow researchers can review and comment your work creating a discussion and a feedback loop that are such a welcome part of live poster sessions.


You can always contact us if you have any further questions, and we will be more than happy to assist you! Just email Stephanie.Dawson@scienceopen.com, and we will get back to you right away. Stay healthy!

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