Welcoming the UCL Press Film Education Journal, now hosted on ScienceOpen

Welcoming the UCL Press Film Education Journal, now hosted on ScienceOpen

Full open access hosting of the Film Education Journal on ScienceOpen

In continuation of our close partnership with UCL Press, we are excited to announce the incorporation of five major education and social science journals onto the ScienceOpen platform from UCL Press! We will provide full open access hosting and metadata distribution services for the new journals, placing them within the context of our interactive discovery environment of over 63 million article and book records. Due to the substantial content for each journal, we will be staggering their launches over the forthcoming months and we are happy to start by showcasing the Film Education Journal that has a new issue out today.

About the UCL Press Film Education Journal

The Film Education Journal (FEJ) by UCL Press is the only publication dedicated to how film studies is being taught by educators. FEJ works to unite the voices of all those involved in film education in order to create an all-encompassing forum for the discussion of film studies. As the global leader of the conversation around film education, FEJ strives to further the understanding of the different approaches to film education and to advance the discourse surrounding these approaches. FEJ publishes content that is relevant for all educators, reaching teachers from primary school to university and beyond.

Read the new FEJ publication

The latest issue of FEJ is out today which marks the first issue of the journal’s third volume. The contents of this issue cover a diverse, international set of perspectives on current topics of film studies. The fully open access journal can be read directly on ScienceOpen, making it convenient for users to utilize ScienceOpen’s ‘share’ tools and share publications directly to social media. We are proud to be able to host FEJ’s content on our platform and look forward to promoting the work so that more people can get involved in the discussion of film education. Explore the new articles below!

Together, UCL Press and ScienceOpen continue to promote open access publishing

The addition of these publications strengthens an extensive partnership between UCL Press and ScienceOpen, which goes back to 2017 and includes a hosting partnership and the launch of a broadly interdisciplinary journal, UCL Open: Environment, that has a unique open peer-review publishing workflow. Our cooperation with UCL Press is a positive example for open access publishing models. We encourage other publishers to reach out to Stephanie Dawson, ScienceOpen CEO, if there is interest in starting additional open science projects with ScienceOpen!   

We are excited to be able to offer our full open access hosting services to the UCL Press Film Education Journal. With our automated integration with Crossref, ORCID, DOAJ, and others, we can help university presses save time and focus on important editorial tasks.

Stephanie Dawson, ScienceOpen CEO

Film Reel Image Credit: Free-Photos from Pixabay

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