New content on ScienceOpen from the International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning, a UCL Press education journal

New content on ScienceOpen from the International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning, a UCL Press education journal

International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning is now hosted on ScienceOpen

The International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning (IJDEGL) is an internationally refereed journal by UCL Press that is dedicated to publishing educational research and current debates on development education, global learning, global education, and global citizenship. This journal is the second of five new UCL Press education and social science journals that are joining ScienceOpen. Here, we highlight the addition of IJDEGL to ScienceOpen’s discovery platform alongside today’s publication of its newest issue!

Background of IJDEGL: a fully open access education journal by UCL Press

IJDEGL was created in response to the increased public and educational interest in learning about education practices around the world and has evolved with the field to focus on how approaches to education and pedagogy enhance critical engagement with global issues. As an open access journal, IJDEGL promotes inclusive participation in its mission. Additionally, IJDEGL does not charge article processing fees, making it accessible for researchers to submit to the journal free of charge. These aspects make the journal central to key discussions relating to the international academic community.

It is excellent that the content of these five journals, including the majority of their backlist, will now be available through ScienceOpen. This will help to make them much more accessible and therefore more useful to the academic community and beyond.

Michael Reiss, UCL Professor of Science Education, Member of UCL Press and Publications Board

ScienceOpen enhances discovery of IJDEGL content

ScienceOpen will provide full open access hosting and metadata services to IJDEGL placing it within the context of the other 63+ million records in ScienceOpen. Additionally, IJDEGL will be housed in its own collection, allowing the enhanced discovery of its current issue and back contents. The descriptions of the aim, scope, and guidelines for the format of manuscripts on the journal’s collection details page will be beneficial to researchers interested in submitting work to this journal, which is then as simple as clicking on the ‘Submit a Manuscript’ button.

Explore the new issue of IJDEGL

Today marks the release of the latest issue of IJDEGL. The new issue comprises diverse perspectives on the current dilemmas educators are facing throughout the world with respect to global learning and global citizenship education. The authors showcased in this issue have examined these challenges and describe potential ways to respond. For a more detailed synopsis of the new issue, read the Editorial: Challenges and tensions in global learning and global citizenship education by Clare Bentall. Or you can directly explore the articles, which are linked to below:

Planting the seeds of perspective consciousness: Creating resource sets to inspire compassionate global citizens
Sheila Baker and Debby Shulsky

Global citizenship education discourses in a province in northern Italy
Sara Franch

The receiving end: Namibian educators’ perceptions of international student exchange from the Global North
Jørgen Klein

Online course: ‘Global Medial’ – Global learning through media competence and vice versa
Gregor Lang-Wojtasik, Ronja M. Erichsen-Morgenstern and Jörg Stratmann

How children living in poor informal settlements in the Greater Accra Region, Ghana, perceive global citizenship
Jane Leithead and Steve Humble

Book reviewLeadership and Power in International Development: Navigating the intersections of gender, culture, context, and sustainability, edited by Randal Joy Thompson and Julia Storberg-Walker
Shea N. Kerkhoff

UCL Press and ScienceOpen’s partnership continues to support their mission of promoting open science

We are excited by the addition of IJDEGL to ScienceOpen’s hosted content and look forward to further promoting future publications from IJDEGL, and all UCL Press journals, to increase their dissemination. UCL Press is an exemplary publisher for providing peer-reviewed, open access works, and together, we are demonstrating how open access publishing models benefit academic and research communities.

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