New ‘Share’ tools and a featured collection from the Journal of Ocean University of China

New ‘Share’ tools and a featured collection from the Journal of Ocean University of China

Now directly upload content to Weibo!

There’s nothing better than being able to share something that inspires you with just one click. That is why we are excited to introduce ScienceOpen’s new sharing features that enable more types of shareable content and a new platform to share to – Sina Weibo! ScienceOpen’s platform now enables users to directly share their search results, which is a convenient tool for users, especially those using our platform for bibliographic analysis. In addition to being able to instantly share articles, collections, and searches to Twitter, Facebook and email, you can now upload ScienceOpen’s content to Sina Weibo, the popular Chinese microblogging site. Let us elaborate more on the significance of the latter addition, not only for ScienceOpen users, but also for scientific communication in the digital era.

With more MAUs than Twitter, Weibo increases research visibilty

With over 500 million monthly active users (MAU), Weibo has more active users than Twitter or Facebook and, as the second most popular social media platform in China, makes it an important channel to use to reach Chinese researchers. Integrating social media channels with research discovery platforms is an important step in boosting scientific communication and making science more accessible. The Sina Weibo sharing feature on ScienceOpen promotes inclusion of Chinese researchers by connecting different communities via our digital platform. In such a setting, ScienceOpen becomes a meeting point for different academic groups. We benefit researchers by increasing the global reach of their work, and, via our networking features, ScienceOpen functions as a great platform for finding new collaborators or staying up to date on recent trends in global science.

Explore topical marine research through ScienceOpen collections

Additionally, we are helping promote collaboration between Chinese researchers and the global research community by continually reaching out to index content from Chinese journals on ScienceOpen. Today we want to feature the new collection on ScienceOpen from the Journal of Ocean University of China (JOUC) that was launched this last week. This journal is the major publication of the Ocean University of China and covers a wide scope of research from marine science and technology branches. The inclusion of non-Western content is ever-present on ScienceOpen’s agenda. Without global inclusiveness, there cannot be truly open science. Indexing the Journal of Ocean University of China on ScienceOpen is another step forward in deconstructing obstacles for the flow of scientific knowledge across diverse academic communities. Explore the new collection for a rare peek into the most relevant marine research trends in China. To make the exploration more convenient, the new content will be put in the context of other ScienceOpen marine research collections:

Learn more through the Journal of Ocean University of China Collection

We also wish to highlight a few more things about the Journal of Ocean University of China. In order to reach a broader global audience, this journal is published in English quarterly, and with 161 articles currently indexed on ScienceOpen, users can explore important marine topics – from how the ocean is affected by climate change to studies of analytical methods that are improving scientists’ capabilities of studying the ocean. The new collection on ScienceOpen is also great for getting familiar with the scope and editorial policy of the journal, which are always relevant for prospective authors. Thanks to our ‘submit a manuscript’ button on the collection landing page, we can link readers directly to the publisher’s submission page. Again, with a single click!

New features and collections contribute to ScienceOpen’s mission of global, open science

Our new features – sharing search results & sharing to Weibo – are a manifestation of our constant effort to connect researchers from all over the world and support our mission to promote global and inclusive open science. If you are a publisher wishing to start an open science project with ScienceOpen, simply contact Stephanie Dawson.

Image credit: TeeFarm via Pixabay

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