BIO Integration Collection – featuring a new, open access, biomedical sciences journal

BIO Integration Collection – featuring a new, open access, biomedical sciences journal

Announcing a new journal collection on ScienceOpen

When it comes to medical research, there is often dissonance between theory and practice. The new biomedical sciences journal, BIO Integration, has been created to fill this niche, helping bridge academia, clinicians, and industry. We are proud to announce the addition of the BIO Integration Collection to the ScienceOpen platform, which will make current and future BIOI issues available through ScienceOpen.

Learn about BIO Integration

BIOI is a brand-new publication with its first publication out earlier this year. As an open access journalBIO Integration is an inclusive forum that promotes communication between scientific ideas and clinical needs. It focuses on original, cutting-edge, interdisciplinary contents in the field of biosciences. These aspects of BIOI make it an exciting journal for the biomedical community, and we look forward to promoting the impactful work that comes from this journal.

Where did BIO Integration’s name come from?

The name BIO Integration” comes from the Chinese culture and philosophy of “harmony and cooperation”. “B” refers to biosciences which is the foundation of modern medicine; “I” refers to intelligence; “O” reflects the “circle” created through the integration of academic communities. It is the inevitable outcome of social development that new things come into being due to the integration of things. The word “integration” conveys multiple meanings. It can be the integration of different countries and races; it can be the integration of different academic circles and research fields; it can be the integration of multiple means and technologies, etc. We expect our scope to be dynamic and broad, but always focused on supporting the movement of biomedical science innovations from idea to practice.

Excerpt from: Introducing a New Journal: BIO Integration, Zhiyi Chen and Pintong Huang, Co-Editors-in-Chief, BIOI 1.1

Take a look at the new issue!

The following are brief overviews of each article published in the first (current) issue of BIO Integration which are all featured in the BIO Integration Collection:

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ScienceOpen’s interactive, user-friendly tools support discovery of BIOI

By making its contents discoverable to our diverse base of users, ScienceOpen will help increase the dissemination of BIOI and further establish the journal in the scientific community. Additionally, increasing the reach of BIOI will enable the journal to achieve its goal of bringing knowledge from around the world to a wider audience. On top of being integrated into a dynamic research discovery hub, the addition of BIOI to ScienceOpen will facilitate scientific engagement with BIOI’s content. For example, interactive features, like community curation, article reviews, and recommendations, can create networking opportunities and accelerate exchange of ideas among researchers. 

We are delighted that BIO Integration content will now be available through ScienceOpen. This will help make BIOI much more accessible and therefore more useful to the academic community and beyond.

Morgan Lyons, MD Compuscript

Other journals published by Compuscript on ScienceOpen

BIOI joins two other journals, Chinese General Practice and Cardiovascular Innovations and Applicationspublished through Compuscript with featured collections on ScienceOpen:

Chinese General Practice is the first, professional periodical of general practice in China, which broadly advances primary health care, general practice and family medicine in rapid health system reform and development. For example:

Cardiovascular Innovations and Applications publishes focused articles and original clinical research that explore novel developments in cardiovascular disease, effective control and rehabilitation in cardiovascular disease, and promote cardiovascular innovations and applications for the betterment of public health globally. We share a particularly interesting article below:

The big picture of the collections on ScienceOpen

The addition of these journal collections greatly enriches the context of the over 500 other curated collections and millions of article records on ScienceOpen. Ultimately, we hope that the promotion of these Compuscript publications in their own collections will connect researchers to these impactful medical and biosciences journals. This is helpful for increasing awareness of BIOI and for the general advancement of biomedical science innovation.

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  1. A very interesting magazine. The interfaces between theory and practice and between clinics and industry are viewed as too lost. Unfortunately, this often prevents knowledge transfer in one direction or the other.

    We ourselves come from industry (location-independent and precise cell counting and liquid analysis, and are often amazed at the low level of information exchange.

    We also present a nice example here:

    Thanks for the good contribution!

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