New Emerald Collections support the UN 2030 Agenda, making sure no one is left behind

Introducing three new collections created with Emerald Publishing

Together with Emerald Publishing, we have created three new collections of Emerald publications that support Emerald’s three missions of promoting responsible consumption, equal access to digital technology, and reduced inequality throughout the world. These missions, inspired by the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), align closely with Emerald’s content and the interdisciplinary research being carried out by their subject communities. As a global business, Emerald recognizes that issues around inequality, sustainability and the digital divide resonate with audiences around the world and not just within academia, which was a driving factor for creating these collections.

Collections highlight Emerald publications relevant to Sustainable Development Goals

This collaboration highlights relevant and impactful research that Emerald publishes supporting the global goals of sustainable development. These Collections, with their own unique Crossref DOI, are easily distributable and accessible, and provide a valuable entry point to the Emerald portfolio. Moreover, the inclusion of Emerald publications in ScienceOpen collections will further promote their discovery. 

Explore the new collections

Below are brief descriptions and examples from each of the new collections:

  1. Responsible Consumption relates to reducing the global ecological footprint by changing the way goods are produced and consumed.  
  2. Equal Access to Digital Technology pools resources supporting domestic technology development, research and innovation in developing countries.
  3. Reduced Inequality focuses on how the world is helping build a fair, inclusive, and equitable society that leaves no one behind.

Collections are a resource to help generate real world change – so get involved!

Image by annca from Pixabay

‘Our mission is to publish research that makes an impact in the real world and drives change to support the United Nations sustainable development goal to leave no one behind by 2030. The three collections we’ve created, with the support given by working with ScienceOpen, is one of the ways that we can work towards these goals.’

Sally Wilson, Head of Publishing, Emerald Group Publishing

By curating and commissioning content aligned to these missions from across multiple disciplines, Emerald and ScienceOpen hope to contribute to real change in society. This project is an example of how publishers can accentuate specific goals or subjects addressed within their publications—supported by the sophisticated search and discovery platform and promotion provided by ScienceOpen.

Readers, authors and researchers can get involved by discussing, recommending, reviewing and sharing this important research.  If you have your own ideas for creating a collection of research around the UN Sustainable Development goals, contact ScienceOpen and we will help you get started. 

Are you a publisher looking for additonal ways to highlight your company’s goals? Contact Stephanie Dawson to find out how ScienceOpen can help you increase awareness around your missions!

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