Announcing our new partnership with University of Buckingham Press!

Announcing our new partnership with University of Buckingham Press!

Welcoming UBP to ScienceOpen

We are excited to highlight our new partnership with the University of Buckingham Press (UBP)! UBP works closely with the University of Buckingham, a private university in England well known for its innovation and excellence in teaching. Values of the University carry over into the mission of UBP, which aims to help forge a future path for both education and university presses. Most recently, UBP launched a new education journal, The Buckingham Journal of Education. This journal, along with several others including the Journal of Prediction Marketsthe Journal of Gambling and Business EconomicsThe Denning Law Journaland the International Journal of Person Centered Medicinejoin ScienceOpen’s discovery platform in featured collections. Content from all five journals will be encompassed by the University of Buckingham Press Super Collection. The collections, as standard, receive their own unique DOIs, adding to UBP’s discoverable and shareable content. With this new partnership, we are working together to promote the journals published by UBP, distribute content to key academic content repositories, and complete enhancement of metadata. Learn more about UBP and the new journals indexed on ScienceOpen below!  

Get to know the University of Buckingham Press 

The University of Buckingham is a relatively young university, having gained its university status by royal charter in 1983. It is known for having a radical edge, filled with innovation and fresh thinking, and ‘home to the two-year degree’. As a separate company but working in partnership with the University of Buckingham, UBP is a publisher of a wide range of trade and academic books and academic journals. Originally founded in 1985, UBP was acquired in 2019 by award-winning publishing group, Legend Times. Since the acquisition, UBP has launched a plan to double the number of published academic journals as well as to increase the reach of its content to be at the forefront of global availability for informative and invaluable academic research. ScienceOpen will help UBP reach this goal by promoting its content in featured collections to its diverse base of users and placing it in the context of close to 64 million other publications. 

Overview of new UBP Journals on ScienceOpen 

The Buckingham Journal of Education 

The Buckingham Journal of Education publishes articles from an eclectic mix of thinkers and their thoughts on the future of education, including its history, design, development, impact and social implications. It works to showcase ideas and concepts that are in line with the University of Buckingham’s radical edge and to not simply turn into an organ of academic activity. The inaugural edition of The Buckingham Journal of Education was published last month, June 2020, and mainly focuses on the challenges surrounding the curriculum topic. Read the Editorial for a more detailed introduction into the new journal and see a selection of exemplary articles here:  

The International Journal of Person Centered Medicine 

The International Journal of Person-Centered Medicine (IJPCM) is dedicated to the development of the theory and practice of Person-Centered Medicine (PCM). PCM itself is dedicated to the promotion of health as a state of physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being as well as to the reduction of disease. Thus, IJPCM is interested in all aspects of PCM and welcomes submissions from doctors, nurses, the allied professions, and all those clinical and non-clinical colleagues with an interest in, or responsibility for, the development and application of person-centred approaches to clinical care and public health. For example:

The Journal of Gambling and Business Economics

The Journal of Gambling and Business Economics provides an outlet for academics and practitioners who have an interest in the economic and business aspects of the rapidly growing international gambling market – the following article is an example of such a publication:

The Journal of Prediction Markets

The Journal of Prediction Markets is aimed at academics and students of business, finance, economics, and the social sciences, and all those with an interest in the operation of markets and market efficiency. See the following for an example from JPM:

The Denning Law Journal 

The Denning Law Journal provides a forum for the widest discussion of issues arising in the common law world and the Commonwealth. It also embraces the wider global and international issues of law that are of contemporary concern. The following is an example of a broader law topic published in DLJ:

One of our main motivations for our move into academic publishing with UBP was having seen the huge change and evolution in the publishing and availability of academic research over the last decade. We are therefore incredibly excited to partner with another independent company, ScienceOpen, and to tap into their wide-ranging tools and huge expertise to makes our journal content available to a significantly wider global audience.  

Tom Chalmers, Founder and MD of UBP parent company Legend Times

Additional University Presses working with ScienceOpen

University presses have been at the forefront of driving innovation academic publishing, which has seen significant change in recent years. Our partnership with UBP is an example of our growing base of prestigious university press partners. With UBP, we welcome another cutting-edge press to our list of customers including UCL (University College London) Press, University of Huddersfield PressUniversity of Westminster PressUniversity of Liverpool PressVilnius University Press, and Tsinghua University Press. Together, we are making valuable research and academic work more available to the wider, academic community. We provide these university presses, and all our customers, with next-generation services embedded in an interactive discovery platform that accelerates research communication. Contact Stephanie Dawson to learn more about how publishers can start benefitting from ScienceOpen’s advanced technology and promotional services.

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