Welcoming Trivent Medieval Books – medievalism, magic, witchcraft and more!

An introduction to the Trivent Medieval Collection

Adding to the diverse humanities and social science content on ScienceOpen, our most recent project with Trivent Publishing is now available! Together, we have launched a featured collection that showcases the books from Trivent Medieval. Trivent Medieval is a growing imprint, currently holding ten book series on varied historical subjects: art history, magic and witchcraft, Mediterranean studies, equestrian history, Byzantine history, the history of the Carolingian Empire, as well as gender, and medievalism. We are very excited to support this excellent collection of medieval history research by Trivent Publishers. The integration of the Trivent Medieval Collection into the ScienceOpen discovery platform further expands our reach beyond the natural sciences and will increase the dissemination of Trivent books.  

About Trivent Publishing 

Started in 2014, Trivent Publishing is a young publisher and is co-headed by a medieval historian, which means the main focus and passion of the company is to publish books in the general field of history and the specific field of Medieval Studies. Trivent promotes authors to publish open access by offering very low open access processing fees in order to best suit the purposes of today’s scholarship and to make knowledge available worldwide. As we are also a large proponent of open access publishing, we are pleased to help spread awareness to Trivent books by contributing our multitude of advanced user engagement, search, and discovery tools via our discovery platform and through our personal promotional services. Below, we have featured three books from Trivent Medieval, two of which are open access, that give an introduction of what awaits readers in this cross-disciplinary collection!  

Explore books from Trivent Medieval! 


Edited by Christopher Mielke and Andrea-Bianka Znorovszky 

This open access volume is a collection of essays focusing on marginalized women mostly in Central and Eastern Europe from around 1350 to 1650. “Other” women are discussed in three different categories: women whose religious practices put them on the social margins, “common women” who are in society but not of society because they are in the sex trade, and women whose occupations were reason enough to shunt them. In order to fill a gap in gender history for countries east of the Rhine River, the studies included present how official city-funded brothels in medieval Austria worked, how a princess’ disability affected her life as Byzantine empress, how one unmarried Transylvanian woman who got pregnant dealt with being the center of a court case, and how enslaved women in medieval Hungary were treated as sexual property. The hope with this volume is that it will show the many interdisciplinary ways that women on the margins can be studied in this region, and to diminish the taboo of discussing this topic to begin with. 


Edited by Mónica Ann Walker Vadillo 

Ambiguous Women in Medieval Art brings together the work of seven researchers who, coming from different perspectives, and in some cases different disciplines, approach the question of ambiguity in relation to different case-studies where the represented women do not follow the ever-present dichotomy exemplified by Eve and Mary. In doing so, they demonstrate the complexities of a topic that is as contemporary as it is ancient. Through them, we can get valuable insights on the understanding and experience of gender in the past and the ways in which these experiences have shaped our own understanding of this topic. This book was published in March of 2019 and is freely available to readers. 


Edited by Stanislava Kuzmová and Andrea-Bianka Znorovszky 

This volume presents a timely contribution to the growing body of scholarship on the apocryphal writings and their reception in the Middle Ages, especially in connection with visual representation. It aims to bridge what often remains disconnected, the visual art and the written text, the early Christian roots and medieval reception, the East and the West, as well as methodologies of various disciplines. The studies in this volume firstly investigate issues related to the Virgin Mary, and through them, also the statusfunction, and identity of women

 Go to the Trivent Medieval Collection to peruse all the books from the Trivent Medieval imprint, which are also indexed by book chapter, enabling the quick finding of sections of interest. Furthermore, we hope that you take advantage of our ‘Share’ and ‘Recommend’ tools if a book or chapter particularly catches your attention. With your engagement, the addition of this collection will help initiate academic collaboration within the historical subject areas comprised in the Trivent Medieval imprint. 

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