Trust in Transparency: Join us and UCL Press for a Peer Review Week Event

Explore new tools for next-generation, open peer review 

In concurrence with Peer Review Week 2020, Stephanie Dawson and Ian Caswell of UCL Press will host a virtual event this Thursday, September 24th, describing the Open Peer Review tools behind UCL Open: Environment. The event will have the form of a case study, and Ian and Stephanie will explain the editorial workflow of UCL Open in addition to sharing their experience in implementing open publishing models on ScienceOpen. Come and tune in if you are a publisher, an editor, or simply an open science enthusiast, and get unique insight into the practical aspects of open publishing! This event will take place over Zoom at 4 pm CEST (UTC+2) on this coming Thursday. Go to the event page here to register so you can take part in this discussion! 

Promoting trust in peer review

The full transparency of the UCL Open: Environment Open Peer Review model helps promote trust in the peer review process which coincides well with the Peer Review Week 2020 theme: Trust in Peer Review. UCL Open: Environment is one of the only completely open publishing models in practice, and it was created as a joint project between us and UCL Press, the UK’s first fully open access university press. We would like to share with everyone the insights and experience that we gathered while setting up such a unique, open publishing workflow. 

More peer review capabilities on ScienceOpen

In addition to the open format of UCL Open: Environment, Stephanie will also generally introduce ScienceOpen and go over the peer review interface provided by ScienceOpen, which enables post-publication reviewing of all articles on the platform to qualified ScienceOpen members. Each review becomes attached to the reviewed piece of research and the reviewers get credit for their efforts. This process enables researchers to share their expertise within the context of the nearly 65 million records on ScienceOpen, building up their research profile! If you are interested in learning more, you should not miss out on this virtual event with Stephanie and Ian!  

Additional Peer Review Week event

Another Peer Review Week event ScienceOpen is taking part in is happening this afternoon, Sept. 21st, at 4 pm CEST! We are one of the guest speakers of the event hosted by Africa ArXiv and Training Centre for Communication (TCC Africa) on the topic, “Rapid and Open Peer Review: What are the new technologies for research quality assessment in academic publishing.” This event will address the questions below, and you can go here to register! 

  • What are the new technologies for open and rapid peer review in academic publishing? 
  • How is open peer review improving quality assessment during COVID-19 research 
  • What incentives exist for researchers to assess other researchers’ results? 
  • How can non-academic professionals engage in open peer review? 

ScienceOpen is proud to be on the leading edge of Open Peer Review. Don’t miss out on these great events, and we look forward to your participation!


Quick info and links for ScienceOpen’s Peer Review Week events: 

Online Demo – Trust in Transparency: An Open Peer Review Model | UCL Press, ScienceOpen occuring on September 24th 4pm CEST (UTC+2).

ScienceOpen is a guest speaker for Rapid and Open Peer Review: What are the new technologies for research quality assessment in academic publishing by Training Centre for Communication (TCC Africa) and Africa Arxiv occuring September 21st 4 pm CEST (UTC+2).

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  1. Hello Raoudha, thank you for your question and interest! To become a reviewer you need to create a ScienceOpen account and link it to your ORCID ID. Anyone with at least 5 publications is then qualified to write reviews on ScienceOpen. Feel free to email me with any further questions:

  2. Hi Dr. Saurabh Nagar, if you go to the Eventbrite listing for the event:, you can click ‘Register’ which allows you to sign up for free for the event. By providing your contact details, you will then receive the correct information for how to join the event which will take place through Zoom, a video communications provider. You will be able to join the webinar through your browser. Thanks for your interest! Let me know if you have further questions by emailing me at

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