Explore the new issue of Research for All – the latest UCL Press Journal on ScienceOpen

Explore the new issue of Research for All – the latest UCL Press Journal on ScienceOpen

Get to know Research for All 

We are happy to present to you a new open access journal hosted on ScienceOpen: Research for All by UCL Press. This journal is the fourth journal that was based at the UCL Institute of Education to join our interactive discovery environment of nearly 65 million academic and scientific records. 

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Research for All is an interdisciplinary journal that focuses on research involving universities and communities, services or industries working together. It features theoretical and empirical analysis alongside authoritative commentary to explore a range of themes that are key to engaged research. As a journal centered on engaging different sectors of communities, Research for All is complemented by ScienceOpen’s extensive user engagement capacities. Scientific members are able to leave post-publication reviews, all users may follow the collection to receive notifications when new publications are released, and authors have convenient usage statistics they can track to monitor views of their works. As a collaboration between UCL and the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement, with associate editors that are academics and professionals working in a wide range of fields, Research for All highlights the potential in active public engagement for robust academic study, the development of involved communities and the impact of research. As such, it is a journal for everyone involved in engaged research.   

Jump into the new issue! 

What are you waiting for? Start reading Research for All by going to its featured collection here. Additionally, below are some highlights in the eighth edition of Research for All, which was just released today! 

Take a look back at previous Research for All issues by browsing some of its high impact publications listed below!  

ScienceOpen: a technical and promotional partner

ScienceOpen supports Research for All with advanced technological and promotional services. Our hosting services give Research for All a comprehensive platform with a complete editorial workspace and forum for editors, authors, and reviewers to easily engage with content. For example, the journal contents can now be included in researcher-led Collections, increasing research impact, and are easily shareable to social networks with the platform’s ‘Share’ tools. Additionally, before integrating the content into our database, our technical team provided expert metadata enhancement services ensuring optimal machine readability of Research for All content. Finally, the promotional services provided by ScienceOpen’s marketing team will generate more engagement with the journal. In these ways, we hope to help increase the dissemination of the journal to a broader audience.   

We are excited to welcome Research for All to ScienceOpen’s hosted content, and we hope you enjoy exploring this exemplary forum providing peer-reviewed, open access works that involve people outside the typical research community – making the impact of scientific questioning that much greater. 

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