Giving a Warm Welcome to the History Education Research Journal

Giving a Warm Welcome to the History Education Research Journal

The New Education Journals published by UCL Press

In the last several months, ScienceOpen has welcomed four education and social science journals based at the UCL Institute of Education and published by UCL Press: the Film Education JournalLondon Research of EducationInternational Journal of Development Education and Global Learning, and Research for All. The History Education Research Journal (HERJ) is the fifth and final journal of this series to be presented alongside its new issue 17(2), which is out today! All of these education journals are now hosted on ScienceOpen where they are freely accessible and supported by our expert metadata and technology services.  

About HERJ

HERJ is an international, open-access, peer-reviewed journal that focuses on the global significance and impact of how history is taught. It covers all aspects of history education including theory, practice, and scholarship, publishing articles that highlight contemporary issues, concerns, policies, and practice. HERJ is published twice a year in partnership the History Educators International Research Network (HEIRNET) and the Historical Association. Current and future issues of HERJ will be discoverable in the HERJ ScienceOpen Collection. (HERJ was previously published as the International Journal of Historical Learning, Education and Research. Articles published in volumes 1.1 to 15.1 can be accessed at the Historical Association). 

Interact with HERJ Content

By being indexed on ScienceOpen, HERJ content will be visible in the context of the 65 million other scholarly records of books, conference proceedings, posters, and articles on ScienceOpen and is available for ScienceOpen users to engage with. Engagements facilitated by the platform enable users to add indexed articles to researcher collections, share and recommend articles directly to social media channels, perform post-publication peer review, and follow collections to be alerted when new content is added. The ScienceOpen platform is therefore beneficial for everyone involved- publishers, authors, and readers.  

Submissions to HERJ

HERJ aims to be the leading forum for dissemination of research related to all aspects of history education. The journal particularly welcomes papers that include attention to the implications for policy and practice regarding the topics of curriculum, teaching and teachers, academic progression, didactics, historical consciousness, the intersection between education and public history, community history, national and international perspectives, historical literacy, disciplinary history and the history of history education. ScienceOpen makes it easy when the time comes to submit a manuscript; all you have to do is go to the Collection page of the journal you wish to submit to and click the ‘Submit a Manuscript’ button. 

Dive into the New Issue of HERJ

The new issue 17(2) of HERJ came out today, and here are a few articles that we have found particularly interesting in the issue:  

Additionally, below are some high impact articles from past issues! 

To fully explore all HERJ content on ScienceOpen, simply go to the new Collection page

Promoting Open Science

The addition of these five education publications from UCL Press greatly enhances the education content on ScienceOpen and we are excited to be able to support the journals with our hosting, promotional, and metadata services. It is especially nice during events like this year’s International Open Access Week to be able to promote all of the high quality, peer-reviewed open access content on ScienceOpen and our partnership with UCL Press is a great example of how ScienceOpen supports open access publishers. If you are in need of a strong technical and promotional partner, contact Stuart Cooper today! Plus, you can find additional information regarding all of our offered services to publishers here

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