Universiti Utara Malaysia Press Content Joins ScienceOpen

Universiti Utara Malaysia Press Content Joins ScienceOpen

Explore 7 Journals and Hundreds of Books

Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) Press has strategically partnered with ScienceOpen to enrich its metadata and feature its publications on ScienceOpen’s interactive search and discovery platform. This is a special announcement because not only do we have a lot of new content to share with you, but we also get to highlight the success of our technical team, who worked diligently to help UUM Press streamline and enrich their publications’ metadata. Now, the addition of seven UUM Press open access journals (plus one forthcoming) and approximately 400 other titles with rich metadata are available for discovery in eight different featured collections and an encompassing Super Collection on ScienceOpen.   

About UUM Press

UUM, located in Sintok, Kedah, was founded in 1984, and is a highly regarded management university in Malaysia. UUM Press, established in 1988 as a department of the university, is a dedicated and dynamic scholarly publishing house that has published more than 600 books (go to the UUM Press Books Collection here) and eight reputable journals which are listed below! Its publications cover a wide range of peer reviewed, interdisciplinary and research-based titles in business management, accounting, information technology, education, communication, and the social sciences and humanities. To begin, go to the Super Collection and start searching:

We are excited to partner with UUM Press as it has helped us to better understand the needs of international university presses. We have been able to expand our service portfolio to include a range of metadata services that will increase the discoverability of their content on ScienceOpen and within the infrastructure of scholarly communication.

Stephanie Dawson, CEO of ScienceOpen

New Metadata Services

This collaboration with UUM Press has produced a new service package that can help publishers get the most from their digital content and free up editorial resources. ScienceOpen has provided expert technical support with the generation of rich, machine-readable metadata, assigning and depositing Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) with Crossref, and delivery to indexing services. If this has piqued your interest, go to our previous blogpost where we describe in detail all of the technical services we provide.   

Increasing Discoverability, Impact, and Engagement

In addition to improving the visibility of UUM Press within an open discovery environment of nearly 65 million records, ScienceOpen provides an engaging online forum for its content. Our customized search engine facilitates the discoverability of journals, articles, and books, while interactive features such as article reviews and community curation encourage public engagement with the authors’ research. To reward researcher participation by fully recognizing the contribution of reviewers and ensuring optimal discoverability for authors, ScienceOpen integrates seamlessly with Crossref and ORCID.  

The University [UUM] has always given its support in introducing the UUM Press brand as an international publisher to enable it to aggressively promote its publications globally. I also hope that by accessing ScienceOpen’s communication platform, UUM Press can build its own international market and cultivate a stronger reputation to better enhance UUM’s academic image in the eyes of the world.

UUM Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation), Prof. Dr. Ayoib Che Ahmad 

Connecting Researchers from across the World

Through this cooperation, we believe that our efforts will not only increase the impact of Malaysian research but also serve to better integrate the scientific community with academic contributions from all corners of the world. If you are an international university press or publisher and are looking for a partner to help guide you through the technical hoops of scholarly publishing, get in contact with us today!  

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