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Introducing the Journal of Urban Archaeology

Urban societies have created a remarkable and immense archaeological record, and the material yielded from urban sites can reveal a lot of different information about cultural constructions, environmental issues, social evolution, and more. Up to now, however, this material has often been discussed within the framework of different regional and topical approaches rather than within its own field. The Journal of Urban Archaeology (JUA), published by Brepols, is the first journal to recognize urban archaeology as a field within its own right and is intended to provide an intellectual forum for researchers working on the archaeology of urban societies. The Journal of Urban Archaeology is now discoverable on ScienceOpen in a unique Featured Collection, expanding ScienceOpen and Brepols Publishers’ partnership.

Volume 1 of JUA

JUA is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal and welcomes contributions from a range of subjects including major new fieldwork in urban sites to discussions of theory and methodology, or wider studies exploring the culture, conditions, and connectivity of urban societies in the past. Volume 1 of JUA was released in January of this year, and below are several articles from the first issue we have picked out for you that we found particularly representative of the new journal, including the editorial which gives a good introduction to urban archaeology: 

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By being indexed on ScienceOpen, JUA is placed in the context of over 65 million other scholarly records. The advanced search and discovery environment of ScienceOpen will increase the dissemination of the new open-access journal, aiding in its launch and expanding its base to readers from all over the world. 

Patrick Daemen, Sales & Marketing Manager of Brepols 

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Brepols, founded in 1796, is an international academic publisher of works in the humanities, social sciences, and more. JUA is the third Brepols journal to be indexed in a unique Collection on ScienceOpen. It joins the Journal for the History of Environment and Society and the European Yearbook of the History of Psychology which were integrated on the platform in 2019 (Click here for the Press Release). Equipped with a unique landing page, a built-in search engine and an overview of the featured content, ScienceOpen collections provide an interactive environment to enhance user engagement with the content of these scholarly journals. This helps facilitate academic debate and increase the discoverability of the research within, and related to, each Journal Collection. If you are interested in indexing your journal on ScienceOpen’s interactive search and discovery platform, please contact Stuart Cooper (stuart.cooper@Scienceopen.com) today!  

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