Welcoming the Pan African Medical Journal Collection

Connecting the Global Research Community

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ScienceOpen was founded to facilitate scientific exchange and accelerate scholarly communication, and a main pillar of how we do this is by fostering open and public communication among academics. We think it is especially important for collaborations to reach across continental and cultural boundaries to increase inclusivity in the scientific community. Thus, we continually reach out to publishers and organizations outside of the Western research community of Europe and North America to increase the diversity of content on ScienceOpen, both in topics and perspectives. In doing so, we strive to broaden the global context of research indexed on the platform and to expand the network of researchers using ScienceOpen to encourage collaboration among research communities. These efforts have led to the start of many new projects across the world, and today, we are proud to introduce our newest partnership with the Pan African Medical Journal (PAMJ).

Introducing the Pan African Medical Journal

PAMJ is one of the largest open access publishers in Africa working to help disseminate research. Through its journals (PAMJ, PAMJ Clinical Medicine, PAMJ One-Health), PAMJ aims to increase availability of African research for a better understanding of Africa’s specificities, and generally improve the health outcomes of people living in Africa. ScienceOpen has worked with PAMJ to index its content in the Pan African Medical Journal Collection, making PAMJ content stand out among the 65 million records on the platform. This will help attract more readership to PAMJ, improving awareness of current health topics in Africa. 

Topics of PAMJ and selected articles

PAMJ publishes original scientific research on clinical, public health, social, political, economic and all other factors affecting the health of populations in Africa. Begin exploring its content by going to the open access articles we have highlighted for you below:  

Special Issue on COVID-19 in Africa

Additionally, we have worked with PAMJ to create a specific collection for PAMJ’s Special Issue on COVID-19 in Africa. This issue, like the rest of the journal, is freely downloadable.  Here are some highlights from this issue:

We welcome the collaboration with ScienceOpen to help expand the reach of African research in line with the PAMJ agenda to contribute to global health efforts.

Raoul Kamadjeu, Managing Editor and Founder of PAMJ

Raising Awareness of Important Health Topics

ScienceOpen looks forward to further promoting the new PAMJ Collections to bring the world’s attention to the admirable agenda of PAMJ to disseminate open access health research in Africa. We encourage researchers to engage with PAMJ content by sharing their expertise through post-publication peer review, promoting topical articles, and connecting to other researchers through ScienceOpen’s network. In addition, users should follow both these collections to receive alerts when new content is added. Through these ways, we can accelerate scientific exchange and scholarly communication around important health topics in Africa and beyond.   

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