Explore the new issue of Archaeology International – the latest UCL Press Journal on ScienceOpen

Explore the new issue of Archaeology International – the latest UCL Press Journal on ScienceOpen

Get to Know Archaeology International

We are happy to announce a new open access journal hosted on ScienceOpen: Archaeology International by UCL Press. The open access journal, produced annually since 1997 and now published by UCL Press, combines news about the UCL Institute of Archaeology’s activities with reports on research, both on new and on-going projects, carried out by members of staff.

The UCL Institute of Archaeology is the largest centre for research and teaching in the fields of archaeology, cultural heritage, conservation and museum studies in Britain. It hosts events on many different aspects of archaeology and it is linked to a wide range of heritage organisations, museums and archaeological societies internationally, providing an outstanding research environment for staff, students and visitors.

Reviewed research articles in Archaeology International reflect the broad geographical, theoretical and methodological scope of research at the Institute. Reports and news items cover topics such as recent publications by Institute staff, current fieldwork and aspects of the history of the Institute. The intended audience is both academic researchers and those with a general interest in archaeology and heritage. This publication supersedes the Institute of Archaeology Bulletin (published until 1994, numbers 30 and 31). Archaeology International now has a complete online edition, to which back issues have been digitised and made freely available.

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Start reading Archaeology International by going to its featured collection here. Additionally, below are some research highlights in the 23rd edition of Archaeology International, released today! 

Take a look back at previous Archaeology International issues by browsing some of its high impact publications listed below!  

ScienceOpen: a Technical and Promotional Partner

ScienceOpen supports Archaeology International with advanced technological and promotional services. Our hosting services give Archaeology International a comprehensive platform with a complete editorial workspace and forum for editors, authors, and reviewers to easily engage with content. Additionally, before integrating the content into our database, our technical team provided expert metadata enhancement services ensuring optimal machine readability of Archaeology International content. Finally, the promotional services provided by ScienceOpen’s marketing team will generate more engagement with the journal. We are excited to welcome Archaeology International to ScienceOpen’s hosted content, and we hope you enjoy exploring this exemplary forum providing peer-reviewed, open access works around archaeology. 

More Archaeology Content on ScienceOpen

Below are two other featured archaeology journals indexed on ScienceOpen. Explore Internet Archaeology and the Journal of Urban Archaeology by going to their Collections, linked below:

Internet Archaeology – Internet Archaeology is an open access, independent, not-for-profit journal. It publishes quality academic content and explores the potential of electronic publication through the inclusion of video, audio, searchable data sets, full-colour images, visualisations, animations and interactive mapping.

Journal of Urban Archaeology – Published by Brepols, the Journal of Urban Archaeology (JUA) is the first dedicated scholarly journal to recognize urban archaeology as a field within its own right. It provides an intellectual forum for researchers working on the archaeology of urban societies and networks in all parts of the world and across all periods of time.

If you are performing research in the field of archaeology or other area, and would be interested in highlighting research in your field in a ScienceOpen collection, get in touch with Mary Kennedy today. We report all collections to Crossref where they are assigned a DOI. Therefore, this free service for researchers can be added to your researcher portfolio and enhance your profile.

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