Upcoming Webinar: Increase your research impact with better metadata

Upcoming Webinar: Increase your research impact with better metadata

Join Stephanie Dawson for a rundown on best practice metadata in scholarly publishing and for strategies to increase machine-readability and discoverability. 

Rich metadata is a significant driver of discoverability. Abstracts, for example, provide words and concepts to drive machine-learning recommendation engines on a range of platforms. However, for many publishers the requirements of modern digital publishing can be quite confusing – trying to keep track of XML DTDs, PIDs, DOIs, metatags, etc is not very intuitive. Thus for years ScienceOpen has been providing expert consultation to publishers on their metadata in order to improve the discoverability of their publications.  

We are therefore pleased to invite you to join our CEO, Stephanie Dawson in a 1-hour session in which she will share her extensive knowledge on the topic of metadata in academic publishing. During this webinar, Stephanie will demonstrate the importance of having machine-readable metadata for a publication’s discoverability. She will describe metadata in the context of scholarly articles, books, book chapters, and more. Plus, she will be available to answer any questions participants may have regarding this complicated technical topic. Join us for this lively session to learn about why metadata is so crucial and for strategies to increase your own publications’ machine-readability and discoverability. 

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Improve your metadata to improve your publications

By streamlining and enriching a publication’s metadata, ScienceOpen helps publishers get the most visibility possible for their academic publications. We also have the support and knowledge of our technical partner, Ovitas. By collaborating closely with them, we have built innovative systems to support publishers with metadata creation and distribution. This collaboration aids our ability to consult customers regarding solutions to technical challenges in publishing. 

For more information on ScienceOpen’s Metadata Technical Hub Services, go to Stephanie Dawson’s blog piece, ScienceOpen: The Publisher Partner for Best-Practice Metadata. Also, in light of the new year, we are offering free one on one metadata consultations to any interested publisher or journal editor. For more information regarding this offer, go here

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