New Book Review Feature on ScienceOpen – Invite Reviewers and Write Reviews for Books

Additions to Book Services

Recently ScienceOpen has made several important additions to our services around books and book chapters on ScienceOpen. We announced new book hosting services for two publishers—African Minds and Carl Grossmann Verlag. Additionally, we have indexed several publishers’ book collections onto the platform, providing extensive technical support which led to the creation of an interface for producing and enhancing book metadata. These customers include UUM PressHuddersfield Uuniversity Press, University of Westminster Press, and Trivent among others. 

Review Books now on ScienceOpen!

From the beginning, ScienceOpen has been a supporter of open peer review for academic publications. We believe open peer review increases transparency in the review process and benefits researchers by giving them credit for their time in writing the review. Thus, an open review interface was built at the center of the platform, giving the opportunity for users with a verified ORCID profile and at least five publications to review and preprint or article. Now with over 2 million records of books and book chapters on the platform, ScienceOpen has enabled open review of books and book chapters

Reviews of scholarly books by academic peers are important for the marketing of new works. However, often it is a challenge for publishers to secure book reviews since journals that publish book reviews have limited space for reviews or some journals have stopped publishing book reviews altogether. For these reasons ScienceOpen is proud to be able to offer publishers and authors a space to be able to invite reviewers onto the platform to review their new books. Since reviews on ScienceOpen must be performed by verified authors, we can ensure the academic quality of reviews. Additionally, reviews will be tagged for Google to show up as a review when someone searches for the book.  

How to Review a Book on ScienceOpen

To invite someone to review or to review a book yourself, all you need to do is create a free account on ScienceOpen and link it to your ORCID iD. If you do not have an ORCID iD, signing up is free and simple! Authors with at least five publications to their name will automatically receive reviewer status on ScienceOpen. If you have fewer than five publications, you can inquire about receiving reviewer status by e-mailing Nina Tscheke or Stephanie Dawson. After those initial steps, all you need to do is go to the book record you are interested in and click the ‘Review’ button and choose ‘Review book’ or ‘Invite someone to review’. You can then rate the title and add your assessment of the work.  

Format of book reviews on ScienceOpen.

Consultations for Book Publishers

If you are interested in any of our book services—such as our technical support in creating best practice metadata or book hosting—please get in touch! We are very interested in hearing from you and would be happy to give you a consultation. You can send inquiries to Stuart Cooper at  

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