You’re invited to ‘Open up! Open Peer Review on ScienceOpen’

Join us for a demonstration of open peer review

At ScienceOpen, we’ve realized that “open,” which was once applied really only at the article level, should actually be applied to the whole process. Open peer review is a prime example of this. By opening up the peer review process, we increase transparency in the review process, and it simultaneously benefits researchers by giving them credit for the work they do to review a manuscript. On the ScienceOpen platform, you will find that we have innovatively implemented open peer review in a variety of ways–i.e. in the management of preprints, post publication review, and in the creation of open access journals. To demonstrate the solutions we have created in recent months, we invite you to an online session in which Stephanie Dawson will give a complete overview of open peer review on ScienceOpen!  

Webinar Topics

This free event is scheduled for Thursday, March 11th at 4pm Berlin time (CET). Sign up today to join Stephanie Dawson, ScienceOpen CEO, for a demonstration of the power of open peer review in which she will cover the following topics: 

  • How to perform open peer-review on any preprint on the ScienceOpen platform  
  • Introduction to the new preprint collection UnisaRxiv with copy-editing and open review capabilities
  • How you can support the preprint server AfricaRxiv by reviewing preprints on ScienceOpen 

Registration Link

Open up! Open Peer Review on ScienceOpen Tickets, Thu, Mar 11, 2021 at 4:00 PM | EventbriteWe look forward to seeing you!

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