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Welcoming International Perspectives in Psychology: Research, Practice, Consultation

ScienceOpen and Hogrefe Publishing Group are pleased to announce an extension to their partnership to feature Hogrefe’s newest journal: International Perspectives in Psychology: Research, Practice, Consultation. International Perspectives in Psychology has been integrated into the ScienceOpen platform and featured in a unique ScienceOpen Collection, joining seven other Collections of Hogrefe content.  

The ScienceOpen and Hogrefe Partnership

ScienceOpen’s partnership with Hogrefe, who is a major scientific publisher on mental health, began in 2017 and started our effort to not only promote content in the scientific field of psychology and psychiatry, but also to raise social awareness about relevant psychological issues that pass unnoticed or are inadequately addressed in society. Hogrefe’s portfolio consists of high quality, peer-reviewed articles in English and German language that cover many areas of psychology and psychiatry and facilitate a better understanding of people as psychosocial individuals. Additionally, Hogrefe has recently announced that they have come to an agreement with 116 research institutions in Germany to publish their research open access without charging any article processing fee for the next three years. This is a huge step in transforming Hogrefe’s psychology journals to open access.

About IPP

Published until volume 9 by the Educational Publishing Foundation of the American Psychological Association, International Perspectives in Psychology: Research, Practice, Consultation® is committed to publishing research that examines human behavior and experiences around the globe from a psychological perspective. It also publishes intervention strategies in the field of psychology which aim to improve the lives of people around the world. 

Examples of research published by IPP

The journal promotes the use of psychological science that is contextually informed, culturally inclusive, and dedicated to serving the public interest. It addresses international and global issues including disaster response, societal and national development, immigration, education, healthcare, and more. For some examples of the type of research IPP is publishing, take a look at the article titles below:

By being indexed on ScienceOpen, authors published in International Perspectives in Psychology will be able to enhance their article records by linking them to their ORCID id and adding metadata such as keywords, thumbnail image, and author summary to make their records more discoverable. The addition of these articles to the platform will enrich the psychology content, diversifying and enriching the context of other publications on the platform. 

Search through Hogrefe content in English or German

Explore Hogrefe’s other topical collections on ScienceOpen which are thematically organized and feature: 

Discoverability and promotion

With over 68 million articles and records, the interactive search and discovery platform powered by ScienceOpen places Hogrefe’s publications in a broader research framework that expands the discoverability of this research. ScienceOpen and Hogrefe Publishing Group hope this cooperation will increase the scientific and social impact of research in psychology, psychiatry, health science and health care as well as bring awareness to the journal, International Perspectives in Psychology: Research, Practice, Consultation®. 

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