Announcing our new partnership with BAPIO—an OA global publisher promoting diversity in health policy and medical research

Announcing our new partnership with BAPIO—an OA global publisher promoting diversity in health policy and medical research

Introducing BAPIO

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with the British Association for Physicians of Indian Origin (BAPIO). We have collaborated to index two of BAPIO’s medical journals, The Physician and Sushruta Journal of Health Policy, in featured collections on ScienceOpen to increase their visibility and discoverability to a wider audience. BAPIO is a non-profit, voluntary professional organisation in its silver jubilee year, whose mission is to provide a global forum for health professionals to promote excellence in healthcare, education, research and leadership by promoting diversity, equality and inclusion for all. BAPIO as a national organisation, functions through a number of regional chapters, special interest forums and arms-length bodies and is closely affiliated to the Global Association of Physicians of Indian Origin.

We are delighted that the vision of BAPIO to provide a platform for the advancement of science and achieving our mission of equality, diversity and excellence through health policy initiatives is further enhanced with our collaboration with ScienceOpen. I would like to congratulate the editorial team, which under the leadership of Professor Indranil Chakravorty has gone from strength to strength.

Ramesh Mehta OBE President BAPIO

Dive into The Physician and Sushruta

The Physician and Sushruta are both open access, interdisciplinary journals covering diverse healthcare topics. Established in 2012, The Physician is particularly interested in issues that impact the health of migrants, international medical or nursing graduates, diaspora studies, differential outcomes in patients and professionals based on ethnicity or other protected characteristics and global health issues.

The new partnership of BAPIO with ScienceOpen now gives us the exciting prospect of increasing the reach of our journals Sushruta and The Physician to a global level. This will give authors the scope to increase our readership, and for researchers the choice of world class journals to publish their material in.

Dr JS Bamrah CBE, Chairman BAPIO

Sushruta is published quarterly and is a scholarly journal for scientists and other professionals associated with research and delivery of healthcare and its policy. The scope of this journal includes the full range of diverse, multi-professional health and social care workforce and global partners.

Explore The Physician on ScienceOpen. Recent topics covered by the journal range from “Quality of Life and Burnout in Paediatric Dentists: No Cause For Alarm? FIRMST2020-AB45” to “The Genomic and Precision Medicine in Clinical Practice: Current perspectives and future directions.” Go directly to the Collection page and start browsing content to find what interests you!

By being indexed on ScienceOpen, both journals will be placed in the context of a rapidly growing database of nearly 70 million academic records. Their Featured Collections will appear alongside content of similar topics, and thus connect new readers to the journal. Additionally, authors published in either journal can now make their publications more discoverable by enhancing their records’ metadata on ScienceOpen, create collections of their work, and share articles to social media with one click of a button!

Take a look below at some of Sushruta’s impactful articles:

Open Peer Review Policy

We are also pleased to bring your attention to the peer review policy of The Physician and Sushruta as it has moved from a traditional blind format to an open, post-publication peer-review process. At ScienceOpen, we hope you have noticed that we are strong proponents of open peer review (for an example take a look at our project with UCL Press in the creation of UCL Open: Environment). Thus, it is exciting for us to work with another organisation who has also committed to being as open as possible with their publication process. We believe that our partnership with BAPIO will not only bring more attention to BAPIO’s important health-related publications, but that it will also serve as another successful example of an open publishing model that other publishers may follow.

I am delighted on behalf of my co-editors and the Editorial board members to launch our collaboration with ScienceOpen and usher in a new era for our open science and policy journals in the new era of post-pandemic global collaboration. We support the model of open publication and our mission to keep the publication costs to a minimum but a global reach.

Indranil Chakravorty PhD Editor-in-chief, BAPIO

If you are interested in having your journal indexed on the ScienceOpen platform, please contact Stuart Cooper—we’re open to questions and are happy to provide consultations as well!

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