Welcoming the University of Maribor Press!

Welcoming the University of Maribor Press!

A New Partnership 

We are excited to announce our new partnership with the University of Maribor Press (UMP) to provide them with promotional and technical services for their publications. We have begun by indexing two of its prestigious Law Journals—Lexonomica: Journal of Law and Economics and Medicine, Law and Societyand the University of Maribor Press Books in featured collections. Additionally, we have set up a University of Maribor Press Super Collection. These collections place UMP’s publications within the ever-growing ScienceOpen database of over 70 million academic records. We have also planned that ScienceOpen will provide substantial technical services to UMP, such as book DOI deposit to Crossref, metadata enhancement, and reporting new content from the journals to Dimensions, DOAJ, and Crossref.   

Expanding ScienceOpen’s Global Network 

Located in Maribor, Slovenia, the University of Maribor Press was founded in 2008, and the University of Maribor’s publishing house has been operating at full capacity since 2016. Its main mission is to take care of the publishing activities of the University of Maribor or its members and to disseminate the achievements of authors from the University of Maribor and other esteemed authors as widely as possible. UMP publishes books and magazines, textbooks and other publications in various fields of science, technology, art, humanities and social sciences in both print and E-print. It is an open access publisher that provides the academic community with an environment to pursue new avenues of scientific communication through open access publishing.  

Engage with the Open Access UMP Content 

We are very excited about our partnership with UMP. UMP’s publications bring new perspectives to the platform, and their content will increase ScienceOpen’s global reach and diversity. ScienceOpen’s platform also increases the ways in which UMP’s readers can interact with the content—researchers can create collections, write peer reviews, and easily share to social media straight from our website. Another exciting feature of ScienceOpen is our new book review feature. UMP’s book authors and editors can now invite reviewers to review their books on ScienceOpen, making book-reviewing simpler and more efficient.  

Featured Titles  

Start your journey into UMP’s open access Law publications or books by reading about the highlighted titles below: 

This monography consists of three sections: the testing of a re-translation hypothesis accompanied by a textual analysis of translations of Mikhail Bulgakov’s works from Russian into English, the role of metatexts, i.e. prefaces and notes, and their function and role in establishing the target readers’ interpretative coordinates and, finally, translations of children’s literature, C. Collodi’s Pinnochio and L. Carroll’s novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,  with an emphasis on the role of ideology and the use of domesticating strategies. I hoped to attract the reader’s attention by focusing on various aspects of literary translation and each section can be read and studied separately. 

Over the past three decades, various research methods have been developed in the field of subject-specific educational research. The individual subject didactics have been consolidated enormously, each in its way and at a different pace. The scientific monograph New Horizons in Subject-Specific Education is a study work containing complete and in-depth research of subject-specific didactics, written by several authors from Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The monograph presents new ideas and developments in subject didactics, which are of significant importance to those working in the field. It reflects both the diversity of research concerns in this field and the range of methods used to investigate them.  

The purpose of the book is to present contemporary themes in early childhood education that are important for preschool education in practice and as topics in the education of students who will work in preschool education settings. 

Through this cooperation, we believe that our efforts will not only increase the impact of research from the University of Maribor but believe it will also serve to better integrate the scientific community with academic contributions from across the world. If you are a university press or publisher and are looking for a partner to help guide you through the technical hoops of scholarly publishing, get in contact with us today by e-mailing info@scienceopen.com.  

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