New Elite Chinese STEM Journal, Genes & Diseases, on ScienceOpen

New Elite Chinese STEM Journal, Genes & Diseases, on ScienceOpen

New Open Access Journal Collection: Genes & Diseases

We are proud to introduce the newest Journal Collection on the platform: an elite STEM journal from China, Genes & Diseases. This journal was selected in 2019 as a top journal to join China’s STEM Journal Excellence Action Plan.

China’s Journal Excellence Action Plan

In 2019, the China STEM Journal Excellence Action Plan was jointly implemented by the China Association for Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the General Administration of Press and Publication, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. This initiative was started to improve the quality of top scientific journals in China to bring them to world standards. It’s a huge national project of high importance, consisting of seven sub-projects, including leading journals, key journals, echelon journals, high starting point journals, clustering pilots, international digital publishing service platforms, and high-level journal personnel. 285 journals were selected to receive funding from the 2019 China STEM Journal Excellence Action Plan. Genes & Diseases was selected as one of these journals in the ‘high starting point journals’ category. All the selected journals are considered highly influential in their respective fields. This national project is of the highest level and has huge support in China. Thus, we are thrilled to have Genes & Diseases join the platform in a featured Collection.  

About Genes & Diseases

Genes & Diseases is an international journal for molecular and translational medicine. Excitingly, it is completely open access and its article fees are covered by the Chongqing Medical University. It publishes rigorously peer-reviewed, high-quality novel research and authoritative reviews that focus on investigations on the molecular bases and experimental therapeutics of human diseases. It is now indexed in our growing database of over 70 million academic records.  

2014年创刊以来,来自18个国家的176位国内外知名科学家加入Genes & Diseases的编委会。截至目前已连续按时出版29期文章,邀请国内外知名专家出版多期专辑。我们非常高兴看到Genes & Diseases加入ScienceOpen 

Launched in 2014, 176 world known scientists from 18 countries joined the editorial board of Genes & Diseases. Up to now, the journal has published 29 issues in a row, and invited well-known experts at home and abroad to publish several special issues. We are very happy to have Genes & Diseases on ScienceOpen. 

Haibao Xue, China Sales Manager, ScienceOpen 

Explore Genes & Diseases Content

To quickly get a sense of the type of research published in Genes & Diseases, you can go to the Collection Details Page and read through the abstracts of the last year’s top cover stories! 

Go to the Genes & Diseases Collection here.

Additionally below, we have listed some of the Journal’s most talked about articles from 2020: 

To explore the full collection, go here. You can use our advanced search functionalities to quickly filter content to find what most interests you! For an overview on how to utilize the search functions, go to ScienceOpen’s recent blogpost about our “New advanced search functionalities.” 

Contacts for indexing Journals

If you are interested in having your journal indexed in a featured Collection on ScienceOpen, then get in touch with Stuart Cooper today! Chinese customers are also welcome to contact our China Sales Manager, Haibao Xue.  

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