ScienceOpen’s infrastructure for 4.3 million academic book and chapter records on the platform

ScienceOpen’s infrastructure for 4.3 million academic book and chapter records on the platform

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Evolution of book services on ScienceOpen 

From citation tracking to open access book hosting to metadata enhancement, we have been busy at ScienceOpen creating and expanding options for scholarly book publishers. Since the Fall of 2019, we have been committed to making academic books discoverable within ScienceOpen’s citation network. In that relatively short period of time, we have gone from first expanding our indexing services to books and book chapters to receiving funding from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research to build a free user interface to manage open access book metadata. In this post, we summarize our book options for publishers and highlight the diverse featured Book Collections on the platform thus far. Keep reading if you are a book publisher or just want to discover some interesting innovations for open access books! 

Open Access Book Hosting on ScienceOpen 

We have had a lot of exciting new announcements surrounding books recently, but it all began by first expanding our indexing services to books and book chapters. We currently have nearly 4.3 million book and book chapter records on the platform. We have grown the number of book-type records on the platform through analytic aggregation of book citations and by partnering with publishers directly. Additionally, we have further expanded our services to include open access book hosting, which we have done, for example, for African Minds and Carl Grossmann Verlag.  

ScienceOpen is working to improve book metadata 

Through starting the indexing and hosting process, we realized that there were many gaps in book-type metadata compared to the metadata of journals. For instance, chapter-level DOIs and chapter-level abstracts were not as prevalent as one would expect since these pieces of data make a book record more discoverable and citable. You can find some numbers supporting this from our previous blogpost, Book chapter DOIs emerge as a new key tool in research discovery. So we focused our attention on the technical underpinnings of book publishing by working with publishers to improve their metadata. We can help publishers with adding DOIs to their book chapters and can even provide stable landing pages for book chapters if publisher websites are not able to easily make separate pages for book chapters. Moreover, ScienceOpen can help publishers add information to their book records such as additional ISBNs, grant number, cover images, and license information. Our metadata enhancement options are being further developed with support from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. You can read more about this project here.  

Explore some of the book collections from our partners: 

  • Trivent Medieval is dedicated to studies pertaining to the history and culture of the Middle Ages. It includes book series covering the time span from Late Antiquity to the Renaissance, while also going into the modern and post-modern periods through studies on medievalism. The collection is largely focusing on medieval and Byzantine art, Late Antique and Byzantine studies, Mediterranean history, equestrian history, witchcraft and religion, gender and women in the Middle Ages, as well as Carolingian studies. 
  • University of Maribor Press Books – The established university press publishes scientific books, expert books, textbooks and other monographs in various fields of science, technology, art, humanities and social sciences.
  • UUM Press Books – With nearly 400 books, you will find a large array of scholarly books in this collection from the Universiti Utara Malaysia Press in both English and Malay. 
  • University of Westminster Press Books – An open access interdisciplinary list featuring titles in media and communication studies; law and the senses; social theory; politics and history; internet studies, education and philosophy 
  • Huddersfield Books – a wide range of books include academic monographs, art showpieces, fiction compilations and local history titles. Many of University of Huddersfield Press books can be read open access online for free, as well as ordered in print. 
  • Amsterdam University Press Books – AUP’s paper and e-format publishing programme is in standing with other major scholarly publishers of the Humanities and Social Sciences. AUP publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed Academic Books in English, Textbooks for universities and higher education, Journals, and Major Reference Works. 

Un-silo Book and Journal Content with ScienceOpen Collections 

Through ScienceOpen’s Collection infrastructure, publishers can unite their journal and book content by combining publications based on shared themes or relevance. For example, we have worked with Emerald Global to create several collections around the Sustainable Development Goals. In these Collections, Emerald has hand-picked content from their published journals and books that fit into similar goals such as in the Healthier Lives collection. Then we have also worked with IET to produce the thematic collection, IET Power Engineering, which combines relevant book titles and research papers. Additionally, the ScienceOpen infrastructure makes sure that for every piece of book and journal content, interested readers are directed to the version of record on the publisher website. For those who wish to have a hard copy of a book that they like, we have added a ‘Buy book’ button for every book and book chapter record. We can now even upgrade YOUR website with your ScienceOpen collection with our innovative ScienceOpen INTEGRATOR. And we can make it fully customized to have the look and feel of your website with INTEGRATOR+.   

The Emerald: Healthier Lives Collection brings together book and journal content.

Review a book on ScienceOpen 

Lastly, in February, we expanded open peer review on the platform to include books. Reviews of scholarly books by academic peers are important for the marketing of new works. However, often it is a challenge for publishers to secure book reviews since journals that publish book reviews have limited space for reviews or some journals have stopped publishing book reviews altogether. For these reasons ScienceOpen is proud to be able to offer publishers and authors a space to be able to invite reviewers on to the platform to review their new books. Since reviews on ScienceOpen must be performed by verified authors, we can ensure the academic quality of reviews. Additionally, reviews will be tagged for Google to show up as a review when someone searches for the book. To learn more about how to review a book on ScienceOpen, go here.  

Contact us to get your books on ScienceOpen

The academic book market is undergoing rapid changes with the move to digital and new open access models. With ScienceOpen, publishers can build rich metadata for their content and enter new marketing and sales channels for their book portfolios. Contact Stephanie Dawson or Stuart Cooper from the ScienceOpen team to learn more. 

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