Summary of the Inaugural ScienceOpen User Meeting

Summary of the Inaugural ScienceOpen User Meeting

The first ScienceOpen User Meeting

On June 18th we hosted our very first User Meeting for ScienceOpen customers and it was a great success! We introduced many of the new projects and services at ScienceOpen and allowed our customers to share their own projects. This format helped spark ideas and questions among our clients, exemplifying the vast array of solutions offered by ScienceOpen and giving us ideas for how we can expand our services in the future. For those that were unable to attend and for anyone else interested, we have prepared a report of the meeting for you. 

An update on what’s new at ScienceOpen 

First on the agenda was Stephanie Dawson’s (ScienceOpen CEO) presentation of what’s new at ScienceOpen. She focused on three categories: Collections, Metadata and Books, and Publishing and Hosting Solutions. The biggest updates to our Collections Infrastructure have been the INTEGRATOR, which allows ScienceOpen collections to be plugged into any third-party website, and a search engine upgrade. The search engine upgrade enables more control of curated research collections and a better user experience. In books and metadata news, we have begun a new project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research to help book publishers. For details of this project and all other things book related, check out our previous blogpost. And finally, in publishing and hosting, we have helped create multiple journals and preprint servers on the platform with different options for peer review workflows. To explore more of what’s new at ScienceOpen, you can view her presentation here

Keynote Speaker, Ian Caswell UCL Press 

After Stephanie’s intro, we opened the floor to our keynote speaker, Ian Caswell from University College London (UCL) Press. Our longstanding cooperation with UCL Press is extensive and is a great showcase of ScienceOpen’s varied and customizable publishing, hosting, and research promotion solutions. For instance, we helped UCL Press create the journal UCL Open: Environment with an open peer review workflow and the UCL Library is utilizing ScienceOpen’s Collection infrastructure to make thematic collections of UCL-affiliated research. To view Ian’s presentation, you can find it here

Lightning Talks from our Customers 

Next, we had four customers give quick “Lightning Talks” about their own experiences using ScienceOpen. Many thanks to Pieter Rall from the University of South Africa (Unisa) Press, Dunja Legat from the University of Maribor Press, Ian Borthwick from BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT, and Tom Chalmers representing the University of Buckingham Press. To briefly recap the talks: 

  • Unisa Press has worked with us to create the Preprint Server UnisaRxiv and a submission portal for the 2021 Research and Innovation Open Distance and eLearning Virtual Conference, both have an internal copy-edit workflow within the ScienceOpen platform. 
  • The University of Maribor Press has both Journal and Book Collections with metadata enhancement services to help with dissemination of their publications. Go here to view Dunja’s slide presentation. 
  • BCS, the Chartered Institute of IT, has utilized ScienceOpen as a solution for publishing their conference’s, eWiC, proceedings. For the slides of Ian’s talk, click here. And go here to view the BCS eWiC Conference Collection which has over 1,000,000 views. 
  • University of Buckingham Press has indexed its journals on ScienceOpen to increase visibility and to have all publications together within a Super Collection. Go here to view Tom’s slides.  

Many thanks to all of our speakers!  

Discussion and Q&A 

After our speakers, we had some great questions and lively discussions with our attendees – A big thanks to all of you who managed to attend! It was our goal that by hosting this User Meeting we could let our customers meet each other and exchange ideas. And through this, we could spark some inspiration and answer some of your tough, publishing-related questions. One of our speakers and attendees, Dunja Legat sums up her experience: 

It is great to cooperate with such an enthusiastic group of experts from ScienceOpen and be part of the SO user community … to share goals and ideas with them because similarity strengthens and diversity inspires.

Dunja Legat, M.A., University of Maribor Press Chair 

Stay tuned for future meetings

With our very first meeting going so well, we plan to make this a regular occurrence! Additionally, we would greatly like to accommodate our entire customer base, which is spread out across many time zones, and so who knows, but maybe next year’s User Meeting will take place in person! If you have any questions regarding the User Meeting, please contact me ( or Stuart ( We’d love to tell you more! 

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