How to Follow a Collection and Get the Most out of Your Profile

How to Follow a Collection and Get the Most out of Your Profile

ScienceOpen Profiles connect you to a Network for Researchers

ScienceOpen was developed in part as a free networking platform for scientists, consisting of all the features researchers need to communicate openly about their research. For example, ScienceOpen’s user interface enables researchers to build up their researcher profile on our platform by connecting with ORCID. Additionally, we publish both scientific posters and preprints for free under an open access license. Scientists can also create their own ScienceOpen Collection to differentiate their portfolio. And qualified users can perform open peer review to evaluate any research articles or books which are on the platform. These capabilities are embedded in a growing, interactive discovery environment of 72 million academic records.

How to Follow ScienceOpen Collections

Today we will talk about one of the simpler, yet nifty, options that all registered users should be utilizing on the platform. This will be how to follow collections on ScienceOpen. ScienceOpen Collections are thematic groups of research papers drawn from various journals or publishers. There are over 630 Collections, by both publishers, university presses, researchers, academic societies, etc, that cover a huge range of subject areas from medicine to history. Following collections notifies you when new publications have been added or if there are new peer reviews of papers in the collection. It is super easy to set up, but since there are so many aspects of ScienceOpen, it is probably nice for our users to have a clear explanation. Let’s go!

For an example, let’s go follow the new Chinese Journal of Radiological Health

  • Firstly, to follow a collection you must be a registered user on ScienceOpen. It is easy and free to sign up. Simply hover over ‘My ScienceOpen’ at the top of our website and click ‘Register’ and follow the instructions if you’re not already.
  • When you’re signed into your account, you should next search for collections to follow (if you don’t have one in mind already). The easiest way to browse the over 630 Collections on ScienceOpen is to go to the Collections tab in the search bar.
  • There are lots of options when it comes to performing searches on ScienceOpen. To learn how to best use our advanced search functionalities, I would recommend reading this previous post. But the most important thing to remember is that the default settings on our search use the ‘Phrase Search’ command, which is an exact match search of the phrase you entered, and it automatically sorts results by most recent date.
  • For example, in the Collections tab we searched for the word Health. With the default parameters, this queried all collections that have the word health in the title or collection description. The results are ordered by date so we see most recent Collections first.
  • To follow this Collection, simply click ‘Follow.’
Hit the Follow button while you’re signed in to follow a Collection.
You will get this message if you successfully followed the Collection.

How to get notified when new publications are added to Collections you follow

  • So far, following a collection was very simple. The slightly trickier part is choosing how you want to be notified when new publications are added. This you control by going to ‘My ScienceOpen’ and then clicking ‘Dashboard’.
  • Once you’re at your dashboard, on the left side there is a menu. From here you can see the number of Collections you follow and if there are any notifications from your followed Collections. This is one way to check updates in collections. The better way though would be to set up email notifications. To do this, go to ‘Administration.’
  • Here, you have lots of options and preferences to set. To get notified by email when new publications are added to collections you follow, checkmark the first box. If you want to have summaries sent to you via email as well, you can set that up and choose weekly, daily or turn that off. If you want to be notified of peer reviews or recommendations of papers in the collections you follow, you can turn those email notifications on too. The rest of the options are pretty self-explanatory. And if you’re reading this blog, you probably have emails on for our blog, which we also recommend you do!
User Profile Administration Dashboard to set up E-mail notification preferences

What other tutorials would be helpful? Let us know!

We hope that this detailed look into following collections helped and will allow you to make the most out of your ScienceOpen profile! Let us know in the comments if there are any other aspects of ScienceOpen that you would like us to cover in the blog.

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