Discover new agriculture content on ScienceOpen: Welcome Journal of Southern Agriculture

Discover new agriculture content on ScienceOpen: Welcome Journal of Southern Agriculture

Latest Journal Collection on the platform 

ScienceOpen is excited to showcase the latest journal to be indexed on the platform. We have worked with our partners at Compuscript to feature the open access Journal of Southern Agriculture on ScienceOpen to help increase its global dissemination. By being indexed on the platform, the Journal of Southern Agriculture is now in the context of over 71 million scholarly works and benefits from the ScienceOpen Collections Infrastructure.  


The Journal of Southern Agriculture, sponsored by the Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, has been printed continuously since its inception in 1940. Formerly named Guangxi Agriculture and Journal of Southern Agriculture, this journal, publishing home and abroad, is a comprehensive academic periodical dealing with agricultural science and technology. It is currently one of the core Chinese periodicals and science & technology journals.  

Aim and scope of the Journal of Southern Agriculture 

The Journal of Southern Agriculture mainly publishes novel research and review papers in the field of fundamental and applied sciences of agriculture, focusing on all core subjects: crop genetics & breeding, germplasm, resources, biotechnology, farming, physiology & biochemistry, plant protection, agrometeorology, soil & fertilizer, agroecology environment, horticulture, landscape architecture, forestry, processing, storage, agricultural engineering, animal science, veterinary science, aquiculture, sericulture, agricultural information technology and agriculture economics. In the ScienceOpen Collection, we have started indexing all publications starting from May 2021. Thus, all publication records you’ll find are topical and state of the art. Below are some handpicked papers that we have found particularly interesting for even those outside of the field: 

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Providing greater context to agriculture research on ScienceOpen 

We are proud to have the Journal of Southern Agriculture enrich the agricultural and food research content on the platform. Since we’ve also recently started open access hosting services for The Irish Journal of Agricultural and Food Research, these two different perspectives on agricultural science provide a more balanced perspective of the field which gives users a more complete picture of the current research. We are also pleased to feature the Electronic Journal of Digital Skills for Family Farming, a journal based in South America focussing on the intersection of information technology and agriculture. Additionally, as we continue with our Sustainable Development Goals initiative, the content from both agricultural science journals will contribute well to the SDG 2: Zero Hunger, as both journals are concerned with how to more efficiently feed the growing world population. To explore The Irish Journal of Agricultural and Food Research, go here. Additionally, if you are interested in learning more about ScienceOpen’s effort to curate SDG research, read our previous blogpost. 

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What else is new at ScienceOpen 

Do you have a journal collection on ScienceOpen or are looking for ways to promote your journal? Well, we can now even upgrade YOUR website with your ScienceOpen collection with our innovative ScienceOpen INTEGRATOR. And we can make it fully customized to have the look and feel of your website with INTEGRATOR+. The Irish Journal of Agricultural and Food Research has utilized this new service. Go here to see the INTEGRATOR in action.  

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