New Collections from the University of Buckingham Press on Medical Education and Maritime Engineering Research

New Collections from the University of Buckingham Press on Medical Education and Maritime Engineering Research

Extending our Partnership with UBP

We are excited to highlight an extension of our partnership with the University of Buckingham Press (UBP). UBP works closely with the University of Buckingham, a private university located in the southeast of England well known for its innovation and excellence in teaching. ScienceOpen and UBP started working together last year, featuring five of UBP’s journals in ScienceOpen Collections. Today, we are pleased to announce that two more journals are joining ScienceOpen, one is the brand-new open access Journal of Medical Education Research and the second is the International Journal of Maritime Engineering. We are proud to have these journals indexed on the platform where they join an advanced discovery environment of over 73 million scholarly records.

The New Open Access Journal of Medical Education Research

It is with pleasure that we introduce you to the new open access Journal of Medical Education Research (JMER), from UBP and the University of Buckingham Medical School, which has just published its inaugural issue. On the mission of the journal, the Editor-in-chief Bharathy Kumaravel says in the Editorial, “Medical education research is a relatively new domain and JMER hopes to address a niche that was hitherto unaddressed by a medical education journal.” The inaugural issue can be explored in its ScienceOpen Collection, and below we have highlighted a couple of the main papers:

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Explore the International Journal of Maritime Engineering

The International Journal of Maritime Engineering (IJME) is the second new journal from our partnership with UBP to be featured on ScienceOpen. IJME is a long-standing journal run by The Royal Institution of Naval Architects. The cooperation between UBP and the Royal Institution of Naval Architects was announced in 2019. The first issue of IJME under the new partnership was published in 2020. IJME provides a forum for the reporting and discussion on technical and scientific issues associated with the design and construction of commercial marine vessels. The specialized field covered by IJME greatly enriches the context of engineering and marine research among the 73 million records on the platform. To get a quick glimpse of the kind of research IJME publishes, check out the highlighted articles here:

All of the above publications were published in 2021. To see more from IJME, go to its ScienceOpen Collection.

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Browse all UBP Content in the UBP Super Collection

Don’t miss out on the other Collections by the University of Buckingham Press on ScienceOpen! There is the open access Buckingham Journal of Education, along with the Journal of Prediction Markets, the Journal of Gambling and Business Economics, The Denning Law Journal, and the International Journal of Person Centered Medicine. Easily search through all content from all collections through the University of Buckingham Press Super Collection. Super Collections are parent collections containing any number of ‘daughter’ collections. This is a great way for publishers to create a branded, comprehensive search environment or for researchers to connect multiple thematic collections under a broader topic. All collections, as standard, receive their own unique DOIs, adding to UBP’s discoverable and shareable content. With this partnership, we are working together to promote the journals published by UBP, distribute content to key academic content repositories, and complete enhancement of metadata.

What else is new at ScienceOpen

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