Michigan Publishing and ScienceOpen begin a new partnership around the University of Michigan Press’ Open Access Books

Michigan Publishing and ScienceOpen begin a new partnership around the University of Michigan Press’ Open Access Books

Welcoming Michigan Publishing to the Platform

ScienceOpen is very pleased to announce a new partnership with Michigan Publishing, starting with the University of Michigan Press’ open access books. The University of Michigan Press (UMP) is a leading publisher and distributor of books and digital projects in the humanities and social sciences that are aligned with the strengths of its parent institution. ScienceOpen has worked to showcase the Press’ titles as part of a featured Collection within the discovery environment and provide expert technical services such as metadata enhancement. 

Delivering publisher metadata to Crossref

This partnership has begun with the integration of over 240 open access book records from the Press onto the platform. Part of the challenge for academic book publishers today is to efficiently transform the rich ONIX metadata that they use for print sales or MARC records for libraries into metadata formats required for online citation and usage tracking with DOIs. ScienceOpen has worked with Michigan Publishing to update and deliver rich metadata including abstracts and machine-readable open access license information to Crossref for increased discoverability. ScienceOpen highlights these titles within our own platform by linking back to the Publisher’s content webpage and to the online store where the books can be bought, facilitating user traffic to the publisher’s website.

Dive into the University of Michigan Press Books Collection on ScienceOpen

One of over 240 new OA (CC-BY-NC-ND) books from the University of Michigan Press on the platform!

University of Michigan Press is the flagship imprint of Michigan Publishing, publishing highly curated and peer-reviewed monographs in humanities and qualitative social sciences. Areas of particular focus are performing arts and media studies; classical studies; political science; American studies (especially disability and class studies); and Asian studies. Take a look below for some recommended titles and happy reading!

ScienceOpen helps books, not just articles, become better recognized as core resources for open research and scholarship. The long-form works that University of Michigan Press authors create (often combining text with multimedia) are vital. They provide authoritative context for addressing the central social, cultural, and political issues that face humanity. They are too important not to be fully discoverable.

Charles Watkinson, Director of University of Michigan Press

By joining ScienceOpen, books published and distributed by Michigan Publishing will be discoverable in the advanced discovery environment of over 73 million scholarly records. Additionally, the interactive platform enables users to easily navigate and share content, bringing more awareness to the books and the press. 

Michigan Publishing is committed to making the publications and electronic media it is responsible for accessible to the broadest possible audience. ScienceOpen is proud to be able to aid the organization in its mission to increase the dissemination of its authors’ scholarship to an international audience.

The new partnership with Michigan Publishing is an important step in ScienceOpen’s experience in handling book metadata and is an exciting addition to ScienceOpen’s partnerships with publishers in the United States. If you are interested in any of ScienceOpen’s publishing services, please contact one of our team members!

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  1. After four years of return to Neanderthal pre-humanity, I note that intellect is no longer a dirty word in America nor is it a means of financial exploitation. I came as a child from the darkest corner of Europe and you make me feel like I am coming into the light. I hope it is not self-deception. But I must say that, while I am in no way surprised that your institution would be so generous, in thes dark times of return to pre-human cannibalism, you made me cry with hope and joy for the next generation of homo sapiens before I die. Altruism makes me so emotional these days, especially when it emanates from the academic world of cannibalism. Thank you for reviving my faith in the non-commercial nature of at least some in the cloistered world of human intellect.

    DE Teodoru MD

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